Friday 13 November 2009

Australian top-model Elle MacPherson presents her new underwear collection in Berlin

Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson unveils her new lingerie range in Berlin.

BERLIN, GERMANY (NOVEMBER 12, 2009) REUTERS - Australian supermodel and actress Elle MacPherson came to Berlin on Thursday (November 12) to present her new underwear collection. Her label 'Elle McPherson Intimates' has been on the market already since 1990 but now the Australian beauty wants to conquer the European market as well.
"We started in Paris and we came to Berlin because I just think it's such a cool city; it's interesting, it's cool, progressive," MacPherson told Reuters. "There seems to be a great demand for my lingerie here. People are artistic, creative. It's very relevant."

Elle MacPherson - also known as 'the body' - is convinced that her lingerie can enhance the love life of German women: "The most important thing German women is: get in the store and buy some Elle MacPherson Intimates. Because I think: there is only one thing better than buying and having beautiful lingerie is having somebody take it off. So I think that's the way to go."

The 46-year old model wants to open approximately 300 lingerie-shops in Europe until spring.

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