Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tips on Buying a Designer Handbag

Choosing a bag is a lot like love. You need to use both
your head and heart. You have to consider many factors
first before parting with any hard-earned money. You should
know and be sure that you are trading it with something
that is worth the hard work you spent just to earn that
money. Use your head in deciding the budget, safety,
functionality and durability of the bag you want to buy.
And your heart in determining how interested you are on
owning that bag.

BUDGET. In shopping, you will encounter many beautiful and
desirable handbags ranging from simple to vintage, cheap to
expensive. So before you go shopping, it is important for
you to set a budget. Determine the maximum amount of money
you are willing to spend for a bag, and determine the
amount you are willing to add for any additional
accessories. Set a limit. When deciding on your budget, be
sure to consider other factors like the accessories you'll
be putting inside the bag. You wouldn't want to put cheap
accessories inside an expensive bag, do you?

DESIRABILITY. Besides the price of the bag, you should also
consider what you really feel about the bag. Determine the
level of interest you have for that bag. You can't just buy
a bag because that's all you can afford. Decide which bag
you really want to have. It would be wrong buying a
not-so-nice bag, then in the end, you'll just use it for a
day. Besides, you can always save up for the bag that you
truly desire. You have to choose a bag that you really
like, that will sure to boost your confidence. Choose a bag
that you really love, something that will make you feel
good about yourself because this kind of bag is something
that you will get more use from. And be sure to choose a
bag that will compliment your body shape.

FUNCTIONALITY AND DURABILITY. Think of how you want to use
the bag. Is it for everyday use? Is it only for a special
occasion? If it's for your daily use, choose a bag that
will last long. Choose a bag that is very durable and that
will suit your everyday outfit. Choose a bag that is
practical and versatile, something that falls between smart
and casual. If it's for a special occasion? If you're
buying it for an evening event, buy clutches, purses and
totes that is not a one-season wonder. Something that you
can wear with many different types of outfit. Consider the
function of the bag and how long it will last. Best is, buy
something classic because classic handbags never go out of

And last, but not the least

SAFETY. Nothing entices a pickpocket more than an open bag
or a bag that doesn't have a secure closure. These kind of
bags are perfect targets for pickpockets especially in a
crowded place. A fix clasped or zip, a flap top and a bag
made with a thick material will make these pickpocket doubt
on pursuing their plan since these will make it hard for
them to get your valuables. Consider the locations of the
exterior pockets, how strong the closures are and the
material used as well.

Consider these and you will never regret your choice.

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