Tuesday 1 December 2009

Choosing the Correct Handbag

The early predecessors of today's handbags have been around
since the 1600's and were small practical bags made out of
common materials such as leather and sturdy fabric,
fastened with drawstring closures . Today we appreciate
handbags as more than just practical conveniences in which
to keep our most pertinent items. They have become fashion
accessories, decorative supplements to one's outfit that
add color, style and sophistication, but also having
practical functions such as carrying our very necessary
lipstick, cell phone and keys.

The choices in handbags today are astounding! Bags come in
every imaginable shape, size, color, and material -
textured and smooth, bearing zippers, snaps, hardware,
buckles, draw strings, straps and handles. They may have
multiple sections to keep our belongings in order or just
one large compartment.

So how do you decide which bag or bags is right for you?
Choosing the appropriate handbag can accomplish several
things: it can help you make the fashion statement you
desire; it can simply add a complimentary detail to the
outfit you are wearing or it might be a matter of providing
the carrying capacity that you need for that given day or

In any case it pays to take the time to choose the best
possible handbag that fits your current needs and means not
just grabbing whatever bag is lying around.

To start with, if you still have the same handbag you used
in high school, you are probably completely out of the
handbag loop and need to open your eyes to all the
possibilities in handbags that are available today. You
just may find that there is a perfect bag just waiting for

There are literally hundreds of bags to choose from these
days and you may want to buy several that provide you with
the options you need for days and evenings. A new bag may
also enlighten your clothing/wardrobe options, play off
your favorite shoes and other accessories and in general
shift your overall appearance to a more coordinated look.

If you have a favorite "power" outfit it is always
advisable to have a handbag to go with it that enhances and
does not detract from the outfit. The first step after
looking through the many handbag styles available is to
determine what the usage of the handbag will be. Is this a
daily handbag that must coordinate with many outfits and
accessories? Will this be bag for a special event like a
party, a wedding, or a reunion? Is this bag specifically
for one of two outfits? Or is it strictly seasonal? What
are you planning to carry in it? Do you need a bag large
enough for several items with special compartments?

The planned usage of a handbag determines many of the
practical applications that should be considered and brings
into focus the rest of the questions you need to answer
before making your purchase. If this is a seasonal bag the
weather will come into play, i.e.: if it is a bag for
winter use it should not be suede, nor a fabric that will
easily absorb moisture. It should be water proof or at
least water repellent.

Next comes the style of handbag and here there are several
considerations. What style is most appealing to you? Do
you prefer a trendy pocketbook or a more serviceable
handbag? Do you want a clutch bag or one with a shoulder
strap? What style of bag actually fits your body type?
Yes, your body type! This is after all an accessory, so
choose several styles that you find attractive and stand in
front of a mirror just like you would if you were buying a
new pair of pants. How does the purse fit with your body
type? Does it accentuate the right attributes and detract
from the flaws? Make sure it does not draw attention to the
areas you are least comfortable with.

The way the handbag fits your body will also depend on the
strap type, where it is designed to hang or sit, etc., plus
of course is the bag itself comfortable? Do the straps stay
put or fall off your arm or shoulder? Imagine it with the
weight of your current handbag's contents and determine
whether it will carry the load comfortably or not.

Now that you have determined style you will need to set a
budget for the handbag purchase. This will also determine
where you shop and whether you choose a designer bag or a
knockoff. If this is a short term, trendy or seasonal
purchase you will want to consider spending less money than
on a handbag that you are planning to keep for years. If
this purchase will be a long term handbag for you, you may
consider a more expensive brand and/or a designer bag
comprised of higher quality materials, since the
composition and quality of manufacture will determine the
bags overall longevity .

When you find the handbag you can't live without that fits
your needs and your budget, buy it! It may not be there
next week and you will surely be disappointed if you lose

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Trevor Eastveld is an online marketer and owner of the
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