Tuesday 1 December 2009

Style Tips for the Credit Crunch

With a few key wardrobe items there is no need to worry
about being stylish this recession! Get great fashion tips
on how to look good during the credit crunch!

Trousers - Two pairs of neutral coloured trousers is a
great way to start; black and dark navy are two excellent
choices. Choose pieces that are fitted to accentuate your
curves, but not so skin-tight that they become too
noticeable in a bad way. Look for trousers in fabrics that
are durable yet flowing, avoiding those that require
expensive special care when it comes to cleaning. The key
is to buy items that will stay fresh and look great all day

Skirts - Add in two or three skirts, choosing a mix of
slightly A-line styling and the classic pencil styling.
Look for pieces in neutral tones (black, navy, charcoal)
but don't necessarily shy away from choosing one in a
slightly more noticeable colour (dark hunter green, harvest
brown, etc.) if you want. Always choose skirts in a
textured fabric rather than a loud print; this will add a
touch of interest to them while still making them easy to
mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Shirts and blouses - This is where you can add in some
additional colours, shapes, textures, and styles to your
wardrobe without spending a great deal of money. Look for
pieces that fit your body shape and can be worn with more
than one pair of trousers, and more than one skirt. Begin
with a few tops in neutral colours then go back and add a
couple of brighter colours; you can even throw in a top
made in a vibrant print pattern for something a little bit
different. All of your choices should be easy care and
durable enough to look great all day long.

Accessories - A single well-chosen accessory can take an
ordinary, neutral outfit and turn it into something really
special. For instance pair a long, vibrant print scarf
with a neutral blouse and slacks outfit; choose a large
necklace or bracelet to add some sparkle and life to your
most basic look. A terrific belt can dramatically alter
the look of your trousers, and there's nothing like a great
handbag to accentuate your overall look.

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