Wednesday 2 December 2009

Sharapova has designs on fashion career

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova reveals her intentions to become a fashion designer.

SANTIAGO, CHILE (DECEMBER 1, 2009) REUTERS - Tennis former world No. 1 Maria Sharapova said on Tuesday (December 1) she was interested in trying her hand at designing clothing.
The Russian player attended Cachantun Fashion Show in Chile, where she will play an exhibition match against Argentina's Gisela Dulko on Wednesday (December 2) called the "Beauty Challenge."

"This evening will be in the world of fashion in Chile. And tomorrow night (Argentine tennis player) Gisela (Dulko) and I, we are playing a match. So it's a little bit of both worlds," she told reporters at a news conference after the fashion show.

Sharapova, who left her fashion mark wearing gold tennis shoes in Wimbledon in 2005, doesn't want to be a model but plans to focus on design instead.

"I'm definitely not a model. I do love fashion, I love designing, I love the fact that it's very creative. And world of tennis has opened up many doors in my career and I've been able to experience many of them and fashion is certainly one of them. And I definitely hope that after my career, I'll be able to expand on that," she said.

Ranked No. 14 in the world, Sharapova has attracted a huge online fan base, in part for her striking looks, and is often featured in magazines as a model.

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