Friday 29 January 2010

Kate Moss for Longchamp

Supermodel Kate Moss goes from modelling bags for Longchamp, to designing them

LONGCHAMP HANDOUT - British Supermodel Kate Moss has taken the next step in her relationship with French luxury handbag manufacturer, Longchamp.

The face of the brand for the past four years, Moss is also now putting her name to it, designing the "Kate Moss for Longchamp" collection for the 60 year old business

The new line of bags was launched at an exclusive party at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and will be followed by a racy ad campaign in which a scantily clad Moss demonstrates how the handbags can be used in the bedroom and around the house.

This is another string to Moss' bow, having launched four perfumes and a hugely successful clothes and underwear collection for the Topshop chain.

The fashion veteran offered her own insight into the enduring popularity of handbags.

Kate Moss, model, saying:

"I love handbags. I've got a huge collection. I always-- you know, girls just like handbags, I think."

Yet the 36-year-old designer was cautiously optimistic about how her own creations will be received.

Kate Moss, model, saying:

"You can't say what people will-- I hope they like them."

The "Kate Moss for Longchamp" collection will be launched in London February 11.

Doug MacLaurin, Reuters.

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