Tuesday 26 January 2010

Polish sex appeal hits Paris catwalks

Polish fashion designer Eva Minge presents her new collection on the fringes of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, saying Paris has always had an influence on her designs.

PARIS, FRANCE (JANUARY 25, 2010)REUTERS - Polish fashion designer Eva Minge's creations brought a touch of sensuality to Paris' Fashion Week, as her collection of see-through tops, revealing satin curves and curvy waists graced the figure of models presenting her new designs on Monday (January 25).
Her collection, entitled "Cinema Obsession", is inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, the era of actresses such as Greta Garbo and also the heyday of legendary French designer, Coco Chanel.

Minge said Paris has always been a great inspiration for her designs.

"Coco Chanel is my idol. I think Paris is a big influence on my designs and haute couture is a big influence as well, not the other way round -- today it is Paris that is my idol," she said.

The concentration on black and white, the long dresses and the flowing lines are very reminiscent of the Chanel trademarks. But Minge said she wanted to imprint her own signature on the collection, and there are definite allusions to the mix of western sensuality and Slavic sensuality, which infuses Poland.

Minge said it is the female body itself which inspires her creations and brings them to life.

"My inspiration is the woman figure itself, so there is always room for breasts and waist and hips, you will always find a very feminine thread in my clothes, which makes these different parts of the body look sublime, that is my signature," she said.

Minge has already shown two collections on the fringes of the Paris haute couture week, this being her third. She has also shown her designs in Germany, Italy and Canada.

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