Tuesday 23 February 2010

Burberry makes history by broadcasting London Fashion Week show in 3D

Burberry becomes the first company in history to broadcast live across the globe simultaneously in 3D as the British fashion house unveils its spring/summer 2010/2011 collection in London.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (FEBRUARY 23, 2010)BURBERRY - Burberry made history by unveiling the world's first silmutaneous event broadcasted live in 3D globally, when the British luxury brand showed its Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 colletion in London.
The Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 Prorsum womenswear show on Tuesday, February 23, broadcasted to custom screening sites designed by Burberry's Creative Director Christopher Bailey in Paris, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Bailey paid homage to the services with the latest collection, referring to Britain's long involvement with the military.

From runway to reality, the 150-year-old label brought the future of fashion to the runway.

Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts said it was important to have the iconic brand back on home turf.

"It's magical having it in London. We're a British brand and we'd like to think one of the greatest British luxury brands to date so we're at home having it here," she said.

Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in fashion as the editor-in-chief of U.S. Vogue, said it was important to back Bailey and the label.

"I think it's wonderful for British London Fashion Week and I think it's wonderful that Christopher has decided to stay here for a second time. I've come all the way from New York this morning just to be here to support him."

When asked what made the brand so special, Wintour said: "I think that Christopher has taken a very traditional, conservative but iconic brand and turn it into something really modern and something that young girls like this want to wear."

Actress Kate Hudson said she has been a long fan of Burberry.

"I think throughout the years the trench coats have been staples for me, especially in movies. I think there are three movies that I have worn a Burberry trench coat."

Sir Philip Green, the CEO of British high-street retailer Topshop, said it was crucial to have Burberry show at London Fashion Week, given its long-standing heritage and roots in the British capital.

"I think it's been 100 years, or more than 100 years. I think it's evolved. I think Christopher and Angela have moved the brand on. Because look, this is a traditional, iconic British brand and I think Angela and Christopher staying here is very, very important, it's key. We've got a lot of talent here and we have to make sure we keep the talent here and develop it," he said.

In New York, the who's who of fashion came out to show their support for the brand and the groundbreaking technology.

Minders were seen sporting the iconic Burberry trench coats and umbrellas.

When asked how the 3D technology would change the future of fashion, Hamish Bowles, U.S. Vogue European Editor-At-Large, said:

"I mean obviously, the concept is tremendously exciting."

"I'm excited. It's like the Avatar of fashion and a good example of how our industry continues to evolve and connect to technology in how we present collections and how we do business," added Stephen Colb, the Executive Director of the CFDA, the Council Of Fashion Designers of America.

Across the globe in Dubai, the Middle East, a glamourous crowd gathered in a stunning ballroom to see 3D and fashion merge.

"The show tonight with the 3D is something unreal that's going to be so exciting because it's live. It's live and it's going to be shown internationally in Dubai, Paris, Tokyo and London so can't wait to put on the show and see an actual runway live in a ballroom," said Maliha Tabari, a Burberry fan.

"I'm so excited to be here. I've been waiting for this day since I heard about it. This is actually the first time in Dubai we've had a live stream fashion show, we've never seen anything like this before so it's amazing," said another Burberry fan, Nina Trojanovic.

"Dubai is a fashion-forward city. It's an emerging market. Out of the six cities, Dubai was chosen to be part of this Burberry fashion show and I cannot wait for the collection for winter 2010/2011," added Feroze Gujral.

Tokyo were treated to a late-night fashion show with people dancing in a club, drinking fabulous cocktails as they waited for the spectacular event to unfold.

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