Tuesday 23 February 2010

Elle Magazine in London hand down their decree on the most stylish people of 2010

Fashion, music and movie stars, including recent BAFTA winners Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth, arrive at the Elle Style Awards in London

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM - Elle Magazine named their picks for the most stylish people of 2010 in London on Monday night (February 22).
Held at London's exclusive Grand Connaught Rooms, the 13th Annual Elle Style Awards celebrated the most stylish in fashion, music and film.

Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan, who both took away the top acting accolades at the BAFTA Awards the previous night, were also honoured with Elle's prizes for the most stylish actor and actress of the year.

Despite being the centre of attention at awards ceremonies two nights in a row, Mulligan said she had some time to wind down.

"Yeah I've relaxed all day today. I've wandered around in a bit of a haze. But it was a really late night, we stayed up kind of late so I'm suffering a little bit," she told Reuters Television ahead of the ceremony.

As for tips on style, the actress suggested road testing any outfits - especially for special occasions. She said her chosen gown for the BAFTAs almost caused a hazardous wardrobe malfunction.

"I didn't practice walking in it, you know, so it was fine walking but when I went upstairs it was kind of looping underneath my heel and I was falling over and when I won the first thing that came into my head was I'm just going to fall down and there's no man to help-- you know sometime there's a man who helps you and he wasn't here. It was terrifying,"

Special honours were reserved for British supermodel Naomi Campbell and her 25 year career in fashion with an Outstanding Contribution award.

Wearing a dress by the late Alexander McQueen, Campbell said it had been such an eventful career it was difficult to single out any one highlight.

"It's been incredible. There's been loads of amazing highlights. Its been an incredible, colourful journey," she said.

Fellow 90's supermodel and winner of Elle's Model of the Year Award, Claudia Schiffer, said Campbell deserved the kudos - not just for her role in fashion but for her charity work as global patron of The White Ribbon Alliance.

"We do a lot of things together in terms of work and often I'm told: 'Oh she can't be there because she had to go the New for this charity event or meeting.' So she does a lot. she gives a lot of her time to travel between New York and Paris and Africa and wherever else just for that. I think it's really, really great and I think it's fantastic she's honoured for it tonight," Schiffer said.

The Awards took place during London Fashion Week, which has hasn't enjoyed the same reputation of other, bigger fashion weeks like Milan, Paris, or New York. But Campbell said that while London's Fashion Week might not be considered in the same league as other events by some in the industry, it has always had a style all of it's own.

"Normally London Fashion Week definitely stands out on it's own because it doesn't follow any trend of any other countries. It does what it wants to do and it's individuality has always stuck out," she explained.

Schiffer agreed that London's individual streak help it set the standard for more daring, cutting edge trends.

"London has always had something that none of the other cities have had which is that sort of cutting edge, really cool, edgy sort of feeling and even now days if you look at other companies who are looking for young students they always want them to come from London and they want them to be British. And again today you see that Burberry is now showing in London , Matthew Williamson you know there's that whole-- Vivian Westwood. So that's great and hopefully they'll stay which make London even that more important."

London Fashion Week comes to a close on Wednesday (February 24).

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