Tuesday 23 February 2010

How to Dress For Day and Night Wear

The skirt has many different possible outfit combinations and
fashion statements. There is the, ruffle, the A-line, the
pencil, the mini and others. The pencil skirt can be worn
to add femininity and elegance year-round. It is not stuck
in one season, with a little creative thinking you can make
it work in even the coldest weather.

The pencil skirt is also very versatile for day and night
wear. It is similar to the plain white blouse, in that it
can be worn for a day at the office and for a party later.

For day wear, you can try a pencil skirt with one color and
a blazer in a different color to draw attention to yourself.
You can wear pumps with the pencil skirt as well, to add
weight and elegance to the outfit.

If you have a fancy dinner or a night out with friends,
leave your blazer and grab a trendy oversized clutch and
some stilettos. This will produce more night-out look and
less work day look.

The best way to wear the same clothes every day, but
different outfits is to know how to make many different
combinations of outfits from your clothes. Wear different
accessories, according to your mood and the occasion.

Combine different purses and shoes with your outfits. Go
for a different look every day. A little imagination and
you will have your friends thinking you went on a shopping
spree, when you are actually wearing the same clothes as

If you wear jeans to work, switch up your look with an added
jacket and different accessories. And at night, ditch the
jacket and change your accessories appropriately. If you
like the popular, tunics and miniskirts, wear the tunics
with pants to work.

And for that girl's night out, use the tunic as a mini dress
with high heels or platform shoes. Scarves can be used as
well, to transform old outfits into new looks. For the
office, tie the scarf into a fashionable design around your
neck. At night, you can use the scarf as a trendy belt or
even as a skirt.

You can wrap two corners around your neck and the other two
corners should go around your waist. Color schemes are
different with every woman, but black and white are the
supreme colors this year.

You could wear colors to work, and save the more alluring
black and white for your night life. For vacationers, you
will need to change your look from vacation wear to night
wear. A beach cover-up dress can be changed into a dress
with heels and accessories.

Finally, your makeup should not be the same for work and
night life. For the day, convenient and conservative makeup
is fine. But for night, add a high blush tone, use loose
powder to eliminate shine on your skin, and apply eye shadow
in interesting colors like silver and gold.

For fragrances, use floral and light scents by day and by
night, wear a stronger more attractive scent. Finding the
right look for every occasion can be difficult, but don't
feel that you have to run to the store every time you need a
new look. Mix and match your clothing and accessories to
create great day and night looks without spending a penny.

About the Author:

Brent is an avid fan of the fashion industry. He loves to
keep up with the latest handbags and cosmetic bags.

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