Tuesday 20 April 2010

10 Easy Steps to Feeling Fabulous!

The most important thing you can ever do for yourself and for
your love life is to feel fabulous.

Over the years of helping women learn to feel fabulous, I
realized there are 10 steps you have to take in order to truly
feel it. Before I tell you the 10 steps, I want to first share
with you what being fabulous really means and what gets in the
way of it. This way the steps will make sense.

You are Fabulous! Yes, you really are. I'm not talking about the
ego's idea - the false sense of being fabulous. I'm talking
about the whole of you: your essence, your heart, your spirit and
your body. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
That means you come from Source - loving, pure positive energy.
That means you are Source energy - loving, pure positive energy -
in physical form.

What is being fabulous? It's an inner knowing of your worth,
value, beauty, goodness, sensuality, passion, kindness,
compassionate, love and joy. It's trusting yourself and Source.
It's surrendering. It's honoring all the qualities and values
you brought into this lifetime.

* When you embrace your fabulousness - your life is filled, on a
daily basis, with love and joy.

* When you realize you are fabulous, you become an irresistible
magnet. Men love a woman who truly lives in her fabulousness.

* When you know it and exude it, men want to be around you - a
lot. They don't care what size you are, how old you are or what
you wear.

What Gets In The Way Of Feeling Fabulous

The ego or self-critical voice gets in the way.

The key to realizing you're fabulous is to quiet the ego that
criticizes you. When you listen to ANY self-criticism, you can't
feel fabulous. So if you criticize your legs, or your level of
education, or your upbringing, or the school you didn't go to,
or your energy level - you are cutting yourself off from your

Why would you do that? Is it habit? Because so many women do it,
that it feels familiar? Because you think the criticisms are

Well, they are all lies. Any criticism about yourself is a lie.

There may be things you want to change about yourself. If you can
do that now, great. Change them. Lose or gain weight, get more
education, learn to sing or dance, tone your muscles, whatever
you want to do, just go do it.

Stop complaining and get moving. The cost of complaining is
exorbitant. The cost is love. I know, I did it for years. And
then when I stopped I had to learn to stop criticizing myself for
having criticized myself in the past. Oh the ego is ruthless and
tricky! Thank goodness my heart and soul won out over my ego.

And whatever you do, don't expect a man to help you get over
your criticisms. They can't, they don't know how and it's not
their job. It's yours.

Remember, stop criticizing yourself. It's keeping you from love.

In your heart and soul is all the love and joy you came in with
as a baby and somewhere along the line got disconnected from.
It's not hard work to get back in touch with it, but you have to
be willing to do some things.

The 3 areas of your life - physical, mental and spiritual - have
to all be worked on to feel fabulous. I've written out the 10
necessary steps below.

10 Daily Steps to Feel Great About Yourself and Life

For lasting results you'll want to do all of these steps. I help
women every day feel fabulous. So don't play small or complain
or listen to your excuses. Just do these 10 steps. They're
simple and easy. Honestly you'll be thrilled with the results.

1. Before you get out of bed start each day with 5 minutes of
gratitude. Find 3 things that put a smile on your face. It might
be your warm bed, your pet, a good friend, a new pair of shoes
you bought, anything.

2. Read three to five pages of an inspirational book. I love
Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham books, Don Miguel
Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, Byron Katie.
I could go on and on. I would start with "The Power of
Intention" by Wayne Dyer, then read "The Vortex" by Esther

3. During the day, get some exercise. Every day. Something, even
if it's just stretching in front of the TV. Move your body. Put
on some music and dance for 10 minutes. Move your body. You'll
feel physically good. Build up to 30 minutes or more a day.

4. Eat healthy foods and, most importantly, slowly eat SMALL
portions. People always wonder why I'm slim. I eat what I want,
including a cookie every day, but I don't eat a lot at any one
time. Remember food is fuel and you need it during the day.
Breakfast is crucial - it's your fuel for the first part of the
day. Then you won't overeat at lunch or snack on high sugar

5. Also during the day, take some quiet time. The ideal would be
to meditate - which is just time to get free of the resistance
the mind creates. Put on a relaxing CD and give yourself
permission to relax - 10 to 15 minutes will make a difference.

6. Wear clothes that you feel fabulous in. Don't put on anything
that you don't feel fabulous in - give those clothes away. You
ever notice when you go on vacation you tend to take your
favorite clothes. You rarely take something you don't like. So
don't wear those clothes at home.

7. Do the focus wheel process that Abraham teaches in his books
to shift any negative thoughts. It's a highly effective
technique to help you shift from a thought that doesn't make you
feel good, to one that does make you feel good. It's brilliant
and simple. I'll share it in the Resource section.

8. Then, make sure every day you give love to someone. Could be a
cat or dog, your friend, neighbor, spouse, boyfriend, anyone.
This will put you in the consciousness of love. It's crucial for
your heart and soul.

9. And every day, give love to yourself. Just imagine filling
your heart and every cell of your body with loving energy for

10. At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, end your day,
as you started it, by being grateful. Spend a few minutes before
you drift off to sleep verbalizing what you are grateful for

I guarantee you if you do EVERY one of these things for 30 days,
you will significantly shift the way you feel about yourself. You
will start to feel fabulous. Keep it up for 3 months and you
won't even recognize yourself. You will feel like a Goddess.

Imagine starting 2010 feeling fabulous. If you start tomorrow
doing all the things I recommend, you will feel great about
yourself when January 1, 2010 rolls around.

Choose to be willing to feel fabulous and become irresistible.
Choose to do the steps to feel fabulous for the sake of the
absolute joy of feeling like a Goddess for the rest of your life.

Imagine the possibilities...

Carol Chanel

Carol Chanel is a Certified Life Coach who works with women to
feel fabulous, attract lasting, loving relationships and create
joyful and inspiring lives. To learn more about how to feel
fabulous, Carol has a "Fabulous Program" that teaches you to feel
fabulous, reveal the irresistible you and attract lasting love.
You can get information about this program by going to the menu
on her website and clicking on the tab called "Fabulous" Program.

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