Wednesday 21 April 2010

FRAGRANCE Queries - All Your Perfume Queries Answered

Your one-stop question and answer spot for unlocking the
world of scent simply because unlike the majority of
products, perfumes and colognes are not shipped together
with a list of directions.

We've put together the most frequently asked inquiries and
have a Scent Expert from, to offer us the very
best advice on one the globe's most intriguing and
mystifying high-end products.

Q: What aromas do men love?

A: Fondness for a perfume can, in large part, originate from
a memory context. The slightest whiff of a scent can carry
him to another time and place; a tropical vacation, your
first alluring night out, etc. Your best bet? Grab samples
and ask him for opinions. Just in case any scent reminds him
of an old flame, steer clear of it absolutely!

Q: What's the most effective way to test perfumes?

A: Collect 3 or 4 of your favorite samples from a department
store (much more and your sniffer can be too overpowered to
decipher aromas properly!) Apply samples to clean skin and
give them a three to four hour time frame to reduce from top
to base notes, to ensure you acquire a complete experience
for their flavors.

Q: Is it possible to become immune to your perfume?

A: Following about four to five days of wearing the same
scent you are affected with olfactory fatigue, where one's
body can't sense the fragrance as well any longer. Even on a
every day basis, your perfume will fade under your nose after
about 3 to 5 minutes, whilst it will stay new and detectable
for any new people you come across throughout the day. To
prevent overdoing it, consider using less sprays, more
often. You may well top-up numerous gentle scents every
three to four hours.

Q: Why does a scent smell so different on my friends in
comparison with me?

A: Everything from your eating habits to your skin type can
influence the way a scent smells on each individual. PH
ranges (measure of acidity in our skin) also differ a bit
from individual to individual. Our unique levels of PH will
determine how every factor in a fragrance will react with
your body. Although the overall fragrance is always
identical, particular notes might be heightened or muted on
different ladies. People with dry skin commonly find their
fragrance lasts a shorter time than those with oily skin, as
oily skin has additional natural moisture to keep in the

Q: Do fragrances expire? How do I lengthen their lifespan?

A: Approximately five to six months following opening, a
perfume's alcohol and aldehydes can evaporate and modify its
overall scent, which makes it smell more chemical-like. To
sustain fragrance, keep bottles located away from sunlight
and best kept where it maintains a consistent temperature
(so keep your perfumes out of the bathroom!!)

Q: What's the best perfume choice for the very sensitive or

A: Allergy symptoms also depend on the individual person's
chemical sensitivities, however a general principle is to
get a single note essential oil, or perhaps a gently scented
lotion, as opposed to a multi-note perfume.

Q: Is it alright to spray in public?

A: Well-ventilated publics only. Never ever spray inside
your cubicle just before a get together where you know
you'll encounter the hot guy in human resources. A lot of
people can have severe allergic reactions to perfume, even
lighter perfumed creams. Make an effort to keep work top-ups
to your lunchtime break.

Q: How do I help to make my scent last longer?

A: Layering a body cream or lotion (of the same smell)
underneath your perfume will make the perfume carry on much
longer, while not being overwhelming.

Q: Could I transition my day perfume into a nighttime scent?

A: You can, in the event you shop for scents with
complementary, not different notes. The best rule of thumb
would be to put on a lighter, fresher scent in the morning
hours and move into richer sensual blends for the night,
searching for notes that have shared central elements such
as particular fruits or flowers.

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