Tuesday 13 April 2010

Bridal Beauty is About More Than Just the Bride

NEW YORK, April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Truth is the bride is not the only one who's got to look fab in her dress. Granted, the photos and memories are all about her, but there are quite a few others that will be worried about holding it in and squeezing a five-course meal, including wedding cake, into her gown.

Lady Foot Locker's collection of toning products—the Reebok EasyTone and RunTone, the New Balance 1442 or Ryka's Reform—will help turn an everyday routine into a pre-wedding workout!
Personal trainer and Fitness Expert for Lady Foot Locker's blog, "The Club," Cathy Lang, offers the following advice on how to use toning footwear to get fit for the big day:
Savor the moment—Walking lunges are an awesome exercise to firm up your lower half, but don't race through them. Do three sets of 10-20 repetitions alternating legs while humming the Bridal March to guide your pace...dum-dum de-dum...The New Balance 1442 and Ryka Reform, will destabilize your movements, and add some extra muscle activation and burn.

You've had the brides back since the planning began…now whose got yours? To make sure your appearance in one of spring's hot sleeveless or halter styles is one you want captured on film, get into push-up position with arms straight, hands resting on a set of dumbbells directly below your shoulders. Do a push-up. Then, from the up position, drive your right elbow toward the ceiling. Lower then lift the left dumbbell. Do three sets of 10-20 repetitions.

Stop making so much time for cardio! If you have routinely been carving out 40 minutes to walk or run, allow yourself 30 minutes instead—but set the same goal for distance and wear a toning shoe, like the Reebok RunTone or Reebok Easytone (for walkers), to get even more out of your workout. You will be forced to increase the intensity of your workout which will give your calorie burn a big kick.

Take that 'extra' 10 minutes and do some push-ups and squats or just take some time for you and relax—who knows, you could be the next one walking down the isle.

SOURCE Lady Foot Locker

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