Tuesday 13 April 2010

Dining Table Centerpieces

Ever hosted a party at your home and didn't have a clue about
how to 'dress up' your dining table? Not to worry - you're not
alone. I recently hosted a barbecue, and while I made sure
everything was completed before the guests arrived, there was one
thing missing: a gorgeous centerpiece on my dining room table. I
once believed the knack for decorating dining tables was a gift
given to only a few people, until I conducted a Google search.
Adorning your table with beautiful decorations is not only
simple, but inexpensive also.

The primary element of making a stunning centerpiece for your
dining table is to get creative. For instance, follow a theme or
make it seasonal. Are you having family over for Thanksgiving?
Then decorate your table with fall-like colors, pumpkins and
leaves. Do you host a barbecue every summer? Consider a Hawaiian
theme and adorn your dining room table with grass skirts, leis
and figurines—whatever you think is suitable to complement your
theme. Dining tables don't always have to be formal; guests like
some panache at your party.

Use Accessories!

Flowers. Tablecloths. Candles. Placemats. Fabrics. Fruits.
Veggies. Making a dining table centerpiece is easy, as there are
so many decorations to choose from. Nevertheless, if you're not
a very creative person, keep in mind that enhancing your table
doesn't have to be a laborious task—just a few embellishments
will suffice. Will your guests actually sit at the table for
dinner, or are you using it as a spot to place food? If the
former, you'll need to make sure the centerpiece isn't too
tall; otherwise, your guests will be stretching their necks just
to make eye contact with one another. Remember that less is more.
Dining tables that are too busy with over-the-top decorations
look tacky.

Ask for Professional Help

If you still don't trust your creative side, ask for help. While
the Web offers great ideas for dining table centerpieces, you can
always ask an associate at an arts and crafts store. Dining
tables look great when they're enhanced with decorations, but
don't get stressed about the project. Include various design
elements, such as balance and proportion, light, texture, color,
and form.

Simple Tips for a Creative Centerpiece

* Use Food as a Decorative Item - Simple and fun, food always
provides some color and creativity to your centerpiece. From
lemons, to apples, to pomegranates and beyond, use food that
you'll actually eat, too.

* Use Everyday Aromas - All too often, homeowners try out a new
scent for the home and place it on their dining table, but it's
either not enough or too much. In addition, they are usually
artificial, which is bad for your health and the environment.
Instead, use natural, inexpensive scents, such as dried lavender
or dried rosemary, and place in a decorative pot.

* Keep Away from Matching Decorations - Contrary to what you
might believe, matching items for your overall dining table
centerpiece is too cutesy. Live on the edge - get super creative
and use all sorts of accessories that already exist in your home.
This not only provides a little added flair, but also helps you
save money.

* Use Fresh Flowers - If you enjoy getting flowers from your
significant other, then you'll love having fresh flowers on your
dining table. Pick them from your garden or buy some at the local
florist; get artistic with your own floral arrangement.

Enjoy Your Dining Table

Once your dining room table decorations are finished, it's time
to have some fun and throw a party. Be confident that your table
is creative and fun. More than just a decoration, making a
centerpiece can even be a therapeutic experience!

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