Sunday 16 May 2010

How To Use Eye Shadow Like The Stars

Most people feel they have some basic flaws with their
appearance, and the truth is that the stars are no
exception. Beauties like Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles
make no secret of their use of various make-up styles to
enhance their appearance, and both of these ladies make
splendid use of eye shadow.

Eye shadow is designed to attract attention to a person's
eyes (yes, male movie stars use it too!) and at the same
time enhances the appearance of the eyes by detracting
attention from or covering up minor flaws. Here are some
tips on how to apply eye shadow in order that it fixes some
of the flaws you may believe are there.

To maximize the effect of your eye shadow, you will want to
make sure that people are aware that you have it on. Some
beauty experts suggest "priming" your eyes before applying
the shadow.

The eye lids are a lighter shade than the skin on the rest
of the face, due mainly to their lessened exposure to light
overt the course of a lifetime. A layer of bone shadow over
your lids will even up the coloring with the rest of the
face, and any color you apply on top of that will tend to
stand out.

Next, experiment with several shades before you decide on
the right one for you. A bronze colored eye shadow works for
most eyes, and other shades will depend on the color of your
own eyes.

Blue eyes, for example, will be best complemented with a
deeper shade of blue (this will make your own eye color pop
out and look extra blue), taupe, violet, or gray. Lighter
shades and contrasts work great for brown eyes, while green
eyes are bedazzling with the similar shades that are
slightly deeper.

Don't be afraid to try a funky look with your eye shadow.
Silvery, sparkly colors can look great and will have an
undeniably exotic appeal. Try to match your scheme with your
eye color or outfit, and make sure you get some good feedback
before trying it out in public!

Finally, there are several techniques that can be used in
order to correct the minor flaws you may see in the
appearance of your eyes.

If you think your eyes are too far apart, you can make them
appear closer together by emphasizing the inner corner of
your eye. Put more shadow on this area and blend it outwards
towards the rest of the eye.

Eyes that are too close together can gain the impression of
distance by darkening the outer edges of your eye and
keeping the inner corners light. Again, make sure to blend
the colors so that the emphasis is not apparent. If you want
your eyes to look bigger, use a lighter color of eye shadow.

Eye shadow is a great way to change your appearance with a
multi-use product that does not cost too much and whose
application can be mastered by most individuals. Keep you
eyes noticeable, and you will be noticed!

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