Sunday 16 May 2010

Keeping Wrinkles Away the Completely Natural Way

Due to environmental stresses, these days the aging process
seems to be catching up faster than it used to historically.

It is but natural that you will hasten to browse various
departmental stores for creams, lotions, oils,
etc.—anything that will reduce those wrinkles and fine
lines on your face and body. Cosmetic surgery, of course, is
a last resort. There is a very simple and natural skin
regimen that can be followed, however, that will keep those
dreaded aging signs at bay:

1. A well-hydrated skin will never acquire all those folds
so easily. So all you have to do is to keep your skin moist
all the time. This is easier when you are young and the skin
retains most of its natural moisture and suppleness;
advancing age causes the natural moisture to dry up.
Drinking plenty of water is one way of keeping your skin
hydrated. Otherwise, you can go in for the regular use of
moisturizers. Many of them even have anti-aging properties
and bring down creases, wrinkles, facial lines and even
acne. You will immediately sense that your facial skin feels
smoother and fuller.

2. Oil and skin are bitter enemies; so stay away from fried
stuff or foodstuffs that have plenty of calories in them.
The secret to glowing skin is fresh fruits and vegetables,
foods like fish that are rich in Omega-3 and Soy products. A
nutritious diet and regular exercise (for good blood
circulation) can never fail to bring the desired results.

3. Your skin has another enemy—the sun. The sun gives
out harsh ultraviolet rays that have an adverse effect on
your skin. So do use a sunscreen lotion whenever you go out,
especially in the afternoons. This lotion can even prevent
skin cancer. It is also advisable to wear protective
clothing, for the sun can impact skin on other parts of your
body too.

4. Now, what happens when you are out in the sun? You squint
often as you do not want the rays getting into your eyes.
This repetitive movement overworks the facial muscles. The
result is grooves forming beneath the skin's surface that
will eventually turn into wrinkles. Be good enough to use a
sunscreen and wear sunglasses when going out in the sun,
please! Again, if you find yourself squinting while reading,
it is time to get your eyesight checked. It is preferable to
wear glasses than get those folds and dark circles under the

5. Lack of adequate sleep robs the skin of precious
moisture, and produces wrinkles. When there is not enough
sleep, the body produces excess of cortisol hormone. The
skin cells break down, leading to loss of elasticity and
wrinkle formation. Certain sleeping positions also bring on
wrinkles—sleeping on your side, resting your cheek or
chin on the pillow, and sleeping face down. The best
position to sleep in is on your back.

6. Bad habits like drinking and smoking are also the cause
of wrinkles. Enhanced enzyme production will reduce the
presence of collagen and elastin within your skin.

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