Tuesday 8 June 2010

The Braun 790cc Shaver - Why I Rate It a Few Whiskers Better Than Its Competitors

A man in the market for an electric shaver is going to want
to know a few key things: namely 1. How close does the
shaver shave? 2. Is the shaver going to be kind to his skin?
and 3. How does it compare with other electric shavers in
terms of price and quality? This article will look at the
Braun 790cc Shaver and how it delivers on each of these

The Braun Series 7 790cc shaver uses pulsonic technology
which sends or "pulses" over 10,000 micro-vibrations per
minute through the shaver head to gently stimulate the skin.
This causes your skin to gently ripple with the resulting
effect being that more of your facial hair is captured and
shaved with every stroke. It also incorporates a sensitive
flexing head, which follows the contours of your face with
twice the pivoting angle of other Braun shavers.
Hard-to-reach areas are more easily got at using touch
sensitive foils that respond to the slightest change in skin
surface. The end result of all this whiz-bang technology? -
the closest shave possible with an electric shaver.

Facial skin that is red, raw and pimply is frankly a bad
look, yet this is exactly the look that a lot of guys sport
due to using inferior shaving implements. The Braun 790cc
shaver uses the internationally acclaimed Gillette blade
technology - a technology so effective and unique that it is
patented.  The effectiveness of the blade used by the Braun
790cc shaver is proved in its single stroke action that
leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth.  You experience
no pauses or obstacles during each shaving stroke and this
smooth action results in your skin remaining unbroken and
rash free.

In conducting my own research, I compared the Braun 790cc
with both the Remoington and Phillips Electric shavers.

The Phillips shaver uses a rotary blade as opposed to the
foil blade used by the Braun. The common consensus gathered
from my research was that men who didn't have to shave
regularly preferred to use a rotary blade. The quietness of
the Phillips shaver seemed to be one of the standout
features that was remarked upon by all its users, however
opinion was very mixed when it came to how close a shave you
could get from the Phillips shaver.

I was tempted by the Remington shaver as it is no doubt
cheaper than the Braun 790cc but it is actually a relatively
noisy shaver and it doesn't have a base for cleansing. It has
a pop up trimmer with three positions but a lot of user
feedback that I came across found this feature to be way too

After taking all into consideration I ended up going with
the Braun Series 7 790cc shaver.  My skin remains smooth and
healthy, and the shaver continues to be a cinch to use and

About the Author:

Finding the best electric shaver was a search that I took
very seriously. After reviewing a number of different
electric shavers I decided that the Braun Series 7 790cc
shaver was the one most suited to my needs. To learn more
about why I chose this shaver over others go to

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