Wednesday 9 June 2010

How to Slow the Aging Process in Black Skin

"With Age Comes Wisdom" is a saying most of us have heard
before, but when it comes to African American women taking
care of their skin, it often looks as if that wise old
saying is - well - wrong!

Let's keep the old saying and make it right for your future.
I've prepared you as much as I can by providing you with the
information you need to look sensational a long way into the
future, all you need to do is DO IT! By starting right now,
you can easily prove that not only does age come with
wisdom, it also comes with a woman who has youthful looking
skin and inside that great looking skin is all that wisdom!

Take a close look at the more mature generation and you will
see the results of long sun exposure even though sunblock has
been around since most of them were young.

The problem was that dark skinned people never thought they
needed sunblock because they didn't "burn". But of course
they did burn, it was just all happening below the surface
of the skin and now it shows up as lines, wrinkles and
sunspots. You are fortunate that you  know about
sunscreen/sunblocks, so no excuses for not wearing sunblock
for the rest of your outdoor life.

The next bit of wisdom our forebears missed out on was the
secret of regular exfoliation. In the future we won't be
able to tell mothers from their adult daughters if this one
little routine is followed up at least twice a week (more
often if there is any sun damage or acne scarring)

Then there is the issue of dryness. Nothing produces lines
and wrinkles quicker than dry skin, and skin dries out over
time because there is less and less natural oil being
produced. So the obvious answer is - as your skin produces
less and less natural oil, you should use a moisturizer more
frequently' yes, twice every day - starting now - no excuses!

Our generation and the ones following us are so lucky, we
have products mad just for our skin. Professional skin care
products,  that have the specific ingredients for African
American skin, aging or not. Ingredients like the
rejuvenating properties brought by avocado oil in our
African American skin care products. Avocado oil restores
balance to the dry and oily areas of your face, creating a
smooth and even feel.

Not all of Our Elders had this knowledge, and they ended up
with all the wrinkles, fine lines and ashy looking skin, so
let's not make the same mistakes.

Isn't it amazing the wisdom that can come from knowledge?
Now that you have all the knowledge you need to look young
well into your later years, all you have to do is turn that
knowledge into a habit and the future is yours to look
amazingly youthful  - not to mention passing on your skin
care secrets to the next generation.

Go forward, knowing you are making a difference to the
younger generation by setting an example of creating an
excellent skin care regimen for having beautiful black skin,
before it's too late to do something about it.

About the Author:

Juliette Samuel, Esthetician/Publisher, NYRAJU Skin Care

Provider of natural skin care products formulated
specifically for African American Skin.

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