Wednesday 9 June 2010

Kelly Rowland shows her fierce side in new program "The Fashion Show" and re-teams with DJ David Guetta

Kelly Rowland talks about hosting new tv programme "The Fashion Show", alongside designer Isaac Mizrahi, and collaborating again with in-demand DJ David Guetta.

THE FASHION SHOW - Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland gets fierce in a new television programme, "The Fashion Show", co-hosting with designer Isaac Mizrahi.
The show follows a format similar to that of "Project Runway" with 12 designers competing in challenges every week, vying for a 125,000 USD cash prize (88,000 GBP).

Challenges include transforming a black t-shirt into a LBD (little black dress) with Mizrahi's tagline to those who don't make the cut: "We're just not buying it, bye bye darling".

The show also features backstage antics, backstabbing and bitchiness but Rowland says she tries to keep a lid on too much cattiness.

"I'm honest with them (aspiring designers) above everything. I never want to appear to be a bitch but at the same time I think it's important to be a little, or to give constructive criticism. It's important to give constructive criticism in a sense that I remember getting constructive criticism when Destiny's Child first started and people were watching us perform and they said 'Well you guys have to really make sure this is fixed up or this or that'. I just think it's part of moulding and shaping you into the talent you'll be," she told Reuters Television.

Of her irreverent co-host, the designer Isaac Mizrahi, Rowland says: "Myself and Isaac have fun together on camera, above anything. Not only that but we want to see them win. We want to see them all win, to be completely honest with you so some days were really hard. Some days I was like (pretending to cry) 'I don't want to see such and such go' or whatever it might be, it was really hard because you saw potential in all of them."

Rowland says she is finding her own voice now that she's gone solo, including her own style.

"When I was younger, a kid, I used to look through magazines and I'd see what I liked, what looked best on my body type. I really like tomboy stuff, like I really like a lot of pants. But I like dresses as well, when it comes to a specific style, I like class with a bit of funk to it," she said.

Rowland is also putting the final touches to her third album, which will be the first under new record label Motown Universal. She parted ways with Destiny's Child manager and father of Beyonce, Matthew Knowles, to explore other creative ventures.

The first single off the album "Commander" re-teams Rowland with in-demand DJ David Guetta. The two collaborated on the track "When Love Takes Over" which reached number one across various countries including: United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, amongst others. The song also topped the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts.

Rowland said she takes pride in helping to revolutionise what many music exports thought was impossible - to bring European dance music to mainstream America.

"I think above anything I'm also proud that I took a chance, I took a chance, I wasn't afraid, neither was Will.I.Am and Akon. We were the first to do it and watch him (David Guetta) grow. It's been really cool to see the same passion he had before all of this happened, he still has. David is probably the hardest working man in showbusiness to be honest with you. He's in five different countries in a day, literally."

"The Fashion Show" will kick off on channel "Really" in the United Kingdom from Thursday (June 10) while "Commander" is available now.

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