Monday 26 July 2010

10 Uses For A Kikoy

Summer is here, colours are in, and boho chic is back. Never
has there been a better time to own a kikoy. Kikoys are
traditional handwoven garments from East Africa, with a
splash of colour and style added in to every design.
Starting with the most traditional uses and moving into
funky new trends, here are ten completley different ways to
use a kikoy.

1. The Swimsuit Wrap

Worn like a sarong, kikoys look fabulous draped around the
waist or tied above the bust. It's the perfect look for a
day at the beach or for a casual summer night out.

2. The Towel

Unlike other types of beach wraps, this African version of a
sarong is made of a thick fabric that effectively absorbs
water to really dry you off after a swim in the sea.

3. The Scarf

With an array of vibrant colours to choose from, why not use
a kikoy to accessorize an otherwise plain outfit?

4. The Baby-Carrier

Sling your little one into a stylish and secure kikoy pouch.
It's cool, it's comfortable, and all the celebrities are
doing it.

5. The Picnic Blanket

Enjoy some wine and cheese on a beautiful, easy-to-wash
Kikoy the next time you go for an outing in the park.

6. The Curtain

When enjoying the warmth of the sun but it is just too
bright to focus, try pinning a Kikoy to an open doorway to
provide some shade.

7. The Tablecloth

Patio furniture looking a little rusty? Dining table all
scratched up? Why not throw a Kikoy over the table top and
add a little extra culture to your culinary craftsmanship.

8. The Hammock

For a comfortable catnap, tie the ends of a large Tonkei
Kikoy to a tree and swing yourself to sleep. It's a great
alternative to carrying your mattress around with you!

9. The Pillow

Need a snooze but have nowhere to rest your head? Bunch up a
Laylani Soft Kikoy and enjoy a well-deserved break.

10. The Urban Turban

When the sun is too hot or you're simply feeling fashionably
adventurous, you can wrap a fabulously fun Kikoy around the
head and march to the beat of your own drum.

It is clear that there are no limits to the way a kikoy can
be worn. And best of all one can be any age, size, or gender
and still make it work. Practical and funky, a kikoy is the
perfect accessory for this summer's wardrobe.

About the Author:

Aspiga was set up in 2005 to supply the best of hand made
beachware from local manufacturers in Kenya. Products
include hand made sandals and belts, beachwear (sarongs,
kikoys and dresses), swimwear and bags. All items are of the
highest quality.

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