Monday 26 July 2010

Dry Lips - No Kisses!

Do your lips dry out in winter? Peeling, cracked, sore lips
are no fun, particularly not for kissing! But it also makes
it difficult to apply lipstick or balm. To avoid this
problem, follow this simple plan and achieve smooth,
kissable lips again.

1.Don't lick your lips if they are dry. Once the saliva
evaporates, your lips dry out even more.

2.Exfoliate your lips - to help improve dry lips, gently rub
over your lips with a face washer or face scrub as this will
exfoliate any dry or dead skin from your lips. This allows
moisture to soak into live skin cells where it is really

3.Apply lip balm before bed - particularly if you mouth
breathe apply a natural lip balm rich in beeswax. Unlike
petroleum based products, natural beeswax will help to keep
in moisture. Even organic oil based lip balms aren't ideal.
While good for a glossy look, they don't stop moisture loss.

4.Apply a nourishing lip balm or lipstick during the day as
regularly as possible - air-conditioning, cold, wind and low
humidity will exacerbate or even cause dry lips so keep them

5.Consider a lip balm with SPF if you are playing sport or
exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

6.Drink plenty of water - dry skin and dry lips can result
from dehydration - it's that simple sometimes!

7.Good oils - if your skin is dry in general as well as your
lips, consider adding a few extra essential fatty acids into
your diet as they help the skin cells hold onto moisture.
Good sources include avocado, nuts, seeds, deep sea fish and
flax oil.

8.Caffeine from coffee and cola drinks and alchohol will
worsen lip dehydration!

9.If the body of your lips is smooth but you regularly get
cracks or irritation in the corners (I get them from eating
potato chips - now you know all my bad habits!This may
actually be the result of low vitamin levels. Generally
cracks in the corners of the mouth equate to low B group
vitamin levels. If due to low vitamin levels, taking a B
supplement should improve things quickly. If you see no
appreciable results, a visit to your Dr may help establish
the cause. And all of this in an attempt to get a kiss no
less! You may not need to do everything on the list but
remember that all these tips apply to your skin in general.
Keep in well moisturised and nourished and it won't get dry
or dehydrated during winter.

About the Author:

Ananda Mahony ND is a naturopath and holistic skin
specialist. Her practice focuses on the treatment of skin
conditions. Ananda also owns Vitale Natural Skin & Body
Care, a natural & organic skin care store in Paddington.

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