Sunday 18 July 2010

Formal Dress Events

Formal dress events can be a stressful evening for most
people that don't attend these functions very often.

These are typically very official occasions like weddings
political event that requires a very specific type of
fashion. Even though you may not attend these formal dress
events on a regular basis, there are a few simple rules you
can follow to ensure you are dressed appropriately for the
evening. The first thing to do is check the invitation for
the event. This will give you a good idea of what type of
apparel is appropriate for the formal dress events you are
going to attend. Many times these invitations will spell out
the style of dress is expected at the event. Even though
there may be some flexibility in what you eventually wear
that evening, you need to try to adhere as closely as
possible to the dress code specified as not to stand out at
these formal dress events. The least restrictive event is
called semi formal and allows the most freedom in choice
with apparel. In most cases you will have something in your
closet that you can wear to these types of formal dress
events and won't have to run out to assemble an outfit.

Men typically wear a darker business suit, a lighter colored
shirt and a conservative tie. Since this is very common
apparel for a normal business day, most of it will already
be in a man's closet. Women can wear a wide range of apparel
including a cocktail dress or long formal skirt with a
fancier top for accent. The next type of formal dress events
get a little more specific in the attire. They are called
creative black tie and black tie optional. The creative
black tie formal dress events are the more flexible of the
two and allow the man to wear either a black tuxedo or dark
suit and add more colorful shirts and ties to his ensemble.
The woman can wear a fancy cocktail dress or even a
full-length gown is appropriate. The black tie option formal
dress events require the man to wear either a black tuxedo or
dark suit with a light colored shirt and a conservative tie.
The women can wear formal separates, a conservative cocktail
dress or a full-length evening gown. Another type is the
black tie formal dress events and these are very common. In
this case the man will wear a black tuxedo without tails,
white shirt, black vest or possibly a cummerbund and a black
tie. The women will have a little more choice with these
types of formal dress events and can wear an upscale
cocktail dress or opt for a full-length evening dress for a
more formal look. The most official of these formal dress
events are called white tie invitations. In this case there
is a very specific style of clothes expected for the

Men will have to wear a white tuxedo with tails, white
shirt, white vest and a white tie. Women will typically wear
a full-length evening gown of monochromatic styling to these
types of white tie formal dress events.

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