Sunday 18 July 2010

Targeting Your Derriere

There are many of us who lament that our derrière is
too big, but a large number of women are desperate to add
shape to their flat butt. So where to begin? You need to
realize that your gluteus maximus (glutes) are large muscles
and you have to stimulate them and engage them to get
results. Most of us sit all day and that causes your flexors
to stay contracted even if you stand up.  You need to
activate your glutes with exercises that loosen your hip
flexors.  Listed below are a number of exercises designed to
target your legs, butt and thighs.  wak up your buns.

LUNGES - You'll get better results if you do lunges every
day.  This is an excellent exercise to sculpt your butt. If
this doesn't hurt after three reps, you're not doing it
correctly. Increase the reps as soon as you feel comfortable
and then add dumbbells during your lunges. Hold the weights
to your chest while lunging.

LEG EXTENSIONS - Leg extensions are great for a tight bum.
Go down on all fours and extend your leg straight out behind
you. Bring your knee up to your chest and then extend your
leg out again. Vary this exercise with a pointed and a
flexed toe.

SQUATS - A few minutes of squats a day is enough to shape
your behind.  As your strength increases, try working up to
100 reps.  But remember , don't go deep, squat as if you are
sitting down in a chair.  If you needs some help, use a chair
for stabilization.

STAIRMASTER - Running up the steps or using a stairmaster at
the gym are a sure way to perk up your butt.  Spend at least
20 minutes on the machine and increase the intensity and
time as soon as it feels easy.

RIDE A BICYCLE - Biking is a great way to a round bikini
bottom. It doesn't matter whether you are riding a regular
or a stationary bike  as long as you try to exercise at
least 3 times a week.  Challenge yourself by changing
settings to mountain biking up a slope or mountain.

PELVIC THRUSTS - Rather than just lifting your butt,
contract the muscles, hold for 10 seconds and then slowly
lower yourself back down.  Do 3 sets of 20 and you will feel
the burn. As you get stronger, lift yourself higher, hold
tighter and feel your abdominal muscles contracting as well.

Make sure to add these to your regular workout routine to
help insure a tight, toned derriere.

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