Tuesday 6 July 2010

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans

Two of the trendiest must have pieces in your wardrobe--the
ankle boot and the skinny jean--can never be worn together,
right? BEEP! Think again.

While it's true that some ankle boots don't offer more
coverage than, well, the ankle, and a lot of skinny jeans
are just that--skinny, pairing these two fashions is not
only possible, but it may be easier than you think.

Basically, there are two options with deciding how they go
together best for you, those being to wear the boots over
the jeans or the jeans over the boots. While it really all
comes down to what you prefer, the ankle-y-ness of the ankle
boots and the skinniness of the skinny jeans, here are some
tips to help you put two and two together.

Own It

As we know, things that look accidental are perceived to be
just that, whether or not they were intended. When trying a
new look, including this one, make it look like you mean for
your clothes to look a certain way by actually meaning it.
You can easily achieve this by knowing whether you want your
jeans tucked into your boots, in which case you will want
there to be enough room for them, or your boots under your
jeans, which means your boots and jeans must both be long
enough to overlap. If your jeans are too short or your naked
calves or ankles keep showing...which will look like you
didn't really try.

Do Your Homework

If you can, buy your clothes from retailers where you can
try them on. If you order online, make sure you measure
yourself and read the product descriptions, or even call the
company hotline to ask questions about what you want to
order. Since both skinny jeans and ankle boots are so in
style right now, you can even look through a catalogue to
see if any models are sporting both at the same time.

Balancing Act

Skinny jeans are extremely form fitting, so when you choose
your ankle boots, take notice of how tight or relaxed their
fit is. You can continue a dark, form fit leg with a
similarly coloured, equally form fitting boot. Or, for some
contrast, try a more casual ankle boot made from a lighter
or softer material that is less form fitting... And don't
forget what goes on top! The contrast can also be found in
the shirt you wear. Floaty tunics can add the contrast to
your look, bright colours on a light wash are casually
cheerful, and a lengthening dark, form fitting top on a dark
wash adds flattery and continuity to a dangerous-beauty

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