Tuesday 6 July 2010

Seven Amazing Time-Saving Beauty Tips

We've all had one of those mornings. A day when you sleep
through the alarm, lose track of time or wake up next to a
significant other who's craving breakfast at the café
up the street and wants to leave right this second. Days
when it's either not possible or not convenient to go
through your whole beauty routine.

Today's blog is just for those mornings! Here are a few of
our favorite time-saving beauty tricks guaranteed to get you
out the door looking just a little more fabulous in no time
at all!

Use a tinted moisturizer. If you're in a rush and don't have
time for your usual moisturizer-foundation-bronzer routine,
use a tinted moisturizer instead. You'll get just a hint of
all-over color and hydrate at the same time.

Put concealer on just the areas you desperately want to
hide, such as a blemish that popped out overnight. Blend
with your fingertips.

If you only have time for one product, use mascara. It will
draw attention upwards towards your eyes and keep you from
looking sleepy.

Brush in a dry shampoo. When you don't have time to wash and
style your hair, revive yesterday's look with a dry shampoo.
You can usually find them alongside the other styling
products at your favorite drug store.

You simply spray the formula in, let it set, and then brush
it out a minute or so later. It's great for those days when
the alarm doesn't go off!

Stash a double-duty product in your purse. This could be a
blush that doubles as an eye shadow or a lipstick that also
makes for a subtle rouge.

It doesn't take up much space and you'll thank yourself
later for remembering it!

Speaking of double-duty purse items, lip gloss can also work
wonders on taming messy brows. Use one in a clear color to
smooth on brows with your fingertips.

Make accessories your best friend. If you're in a rush and
feeling uncomfortable about how you look, grab a chunky
bracelet or colorful pair of earrings.

Push back unruly bangs with a cute headband or scarf.
Nothing distracts like a little eye candy!

Do you have a beauty secret that's saved you time over the

Take sometime and have a thing about it. You will surprise

Thanks for reading.

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