Sunday 8 August 2010

Choosing an Everyday Handbag

If you use one handbag for most days and only use a special
handbag to go with particular outfits, like a party dress,
you need a practical handbag that will go with the majority
of your outfits. You want your handbag to look like you
matched it to whatever outfit you are wearing and to make
you look as great as you feel. Your handbag makes a
statement about who you are, so you need to choose a bag
that matches your personality and your lifestyle.

Your everyday handbag has to match or blend with the
majority of your outfits, so it is best to choose a
mid-range colour. Avoid the really warm colours like red or
the cool colours like ice blue. Choose a neutral colour.
While many women think that a black handbag automatically
goes with every outfit, you do not have to limit the colour
to boring black if you don't want to. Chocolate, purple, and
turquoise are all great neutral colours that will blend or
match most outfits. As an alternative you could choose a
multicoloured handbag with colours from your favourite

Your handbag needs to match your body size in scale. If you
are petit, lugging around an oversized handbag looks odd. A
large framed women carrying a small handbag also has a
tendancy to look a little odd. Choose a handbag that
provides a scale and balance to your body.

Body Shape
Think about your body shape. With most body shapes,
mirroring the shape will accentuate it. If you have an apple
shaped body and come across as round, an angular rather than
rounded handbag will suit you best. If you are pear-shaped,
with a larger bottom, do not emphasise this by carrying a
pear-shaped handbag that bulges at the bottom and slims at
the top in shape.

One of the most important features of your everyday handbag
is that it must suit your lifestyle. Think about all the
items you would generally carry in your handbag. Your
handbag should be able to fit these things without bulging.
If you like to read, try fitting a standard paperback book
into the handbag. Some handbags are too small in shape or
size to fit a book. Your handbag is used nearly every day,
so it needs to be able to fit all the things you need. If
you tend to want organization, look for a handbag with
several pockets or sections. Think about how you will use
your handbag.

Choose a handbag that matches your personality. Your handbag
makes a statement about who you are and what you like, so
there is little point in purchasing a bag you don't like,
just because it is practical. Choose a bag that matches your
personality. If you prefer the minimalistic style, don't
choose a fussy handbag with lots of decoration.

Look at where the handbag sits on your body or how you carry
it. Try to place the handbag on the part of your body you
most want to accent. If you want to accentuate your lovely
long legs, carry your handbag in your hand or have a long
shoulder strap. If you want to show off your waist, your bag
should sit around waist level. Adjust the straps of your
handbag to accentuate your best body feature.

Choosing a handbag for everyday use is not always easy. The
everyday handbag has to match different outfits, be
practical, and match your personality and body shape.

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