Sunday 8 August 2010

Famous 1960s Costumes You Must Try If You Want to Want to Be Groovy, Baby

Hip, colorful and cool. These are the features that
distinguish the fashion statement of the sixties decade.
With its lively and fun character, it's nothing new that as
time goes by, the latest styles and designs of many outfits
and costumes patterned the concept and motivation from the
sixties fashion.

You can notice in many nightclubs and parties that the
1960's costumes are still brought to life. Many people find
the Go Go dancer outfit, hippie costumes, psychedelic
costumes and pop music outfit of the 60's fashionable and
alluring. It is therefore clear that the 1960's placed a
significant impact of inspiring the art of fashion and style
of modern people.

Recently, there is a rampant wearing of fancy dresses. This
idea was a raw product of the 1960's fashion. The current
trend has been extensively promoting the beauty and interest
of the 1960's costume as stirred from different television
shows during that time.

Whenever you and your friends plan for your own Halloween
costume party, you might find these three 1960's attire,
fancy and based from popular television series and shows at
that era, interesting and flattering.

Parker from Thunderbirds Costume

The Thunderbirds is a puppet show that garnered the interest
and humor of both children and adults. It became the most
popular program on air during the 60's and Parker became the
most favorite and loved character by the audience. The show
created awesome and flamboyant 1960's costumes and outfits
that suited the different characters in the show.

I Dream of Jeannie 1960s costumes

This is a story of a two-thousand year old genie and her
master who is an astronaut that were starred by Barbara Eden
and Larry Hagman, respectively. The Jeannie (Barbara Eden)
costume can be simply identified by people who were avid
fans of the sitcom. A witch character in the show is also a
perfect costume for Halloween parties. I Dream of Jeannie
became the crowd's favorite during the sixties period.
Because of this popularity, the outfits and clothes worn by
the characters of the show are considered as one of the best
examples of the 1960's costumes.

Austin Powers Costumes

A parody of James Bond, the concept of Austin Powers was
developed during the 90's but it projected and patterned its
setting from the period of the sixties. A wide range of
1960's costumes were presented in this parody and Austin
Powers' costumes were among the infamous ones.

His attire was summed up to create a classy 1960's look by
dressing up Austin Powers with a blue velour two-piece suit
with an eye-catching lace French cuffs and lacy neck ruffs.
The look was then emphasized by a pair of weird yet trendy
looking glasses.

If you are interested in getting your own 1960's costume you
can browse the internet and find an array of choices to
choose from. But it is more advisable that you visit
specialty stores nearby so that you will be able to find the
coolest, trendiest 1960s costume that will fit you best.
Additionally, the advantage of going to the store rather
than buying online is that you will have the opportunity to
scrutinize the outfit before buying it. It allows you to be
able to pick out the outfit that you like best since the
stores have plenty of stocks and designs that you can choose

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