Saturday 7 August 2010

Miss Australia defends costume, Miss Haiti talks Wyclef

A collection of contestants for this year's Miss Universe gathered pool-side at Los Angeles' Roosevelt Hotel on Friday (August 06). While posing for photos and playing in the pool, conversation got serious as Miss Australia defended her controversial costume and Miss Haiti commented on Wyclef Jean's bid for president of her country.

Jesinta Campbell, Miss Australia, has caused a frenzy in her home country with her national costume selection. The dress is supposed to be inspired by the outback, but Australian media have described it as a "national joke" and a "travesty."
"Look, I'm very very proud to wear my national costume. I think there's some great elements there that really embody, you know, the Australian theme. We've got the beautiful Aboriginal print, we've got the gorgeous colors on the skirt. I think it's magnificent, it's something I'm very proud to wear and I can't wait to wear it on an international stage and let the whole world see what Australia is," said Campbell.

As for her critics back home, the 18-year old said everyone is entitled to their opinion.
"Everyone can say what they want whether it's positive or negative and you've just got to take it all on board and I'm really happy in the outfit so I think that's all that matters in the end of the day."
Miss Haiti, Sarodj Bertin, was on hand. In between photos, she discussed the possibility of having singer Wyclef Jean has president of her homeland.

"I just want to say to him, as to other people who want to help Haiti, well, really do something for Haiti. Have your project and plan it and just develop it by yourself so we can make sure that everyone has what they need in this moment," said Bertin.

Another hot topic of conversation laid with Miss Philippines, Venus Raj. The beauty queen lost her title earlier this year because of speculation about her birth place and date. That was all cleared-up, however, and her title restored.
"Because of what happened to me and because of that dethronement and reinstatement issue, I am very honored that I get back the crown and I was able to represent my country and the people behind me," said Raj.
Other bathing beauties pool-side included Miss Columbia, Natalia Navarro; Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete; and Miss Puerto Rico, Mariana Vicente.

The Miss Universe Pageant will take place August 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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