Friday 6 August 2010

Dressing for Special Occasions

Because most people aren't invited to formal events very
often, many times dressing for special occasions can add a
lot of stress to the event. Even though these events can
trigger panic in some people, there are a few things to help
you assemble to proper attire for that special evening. The
first thing you can do is to contact a friend that may be
attending the event and ask them what they are wearing.
While you don't have to mimic their outfit completely, this
will give you a feel for the type of attire that is
appropriate. This can make dressing for special occasions
much easier since you know that at least one person
attending the event will be dressed in a similar fashion. If
you don't know anyone attending the event, you may be able to
contact the hotel or venue that the event will be held at for
some guidance. Most of the larger venues will have a
concierge on staff that will be happy to help guide you in
dressing for special occasions at their facility.

While they certainly can't suggest what type of attire to
wear, they can give you a sense of what style might be
appropriate for the evening. Another great resource for
guidance on dressing for special occasions is the invitation
itself. Many times the invitation will call out the exact
style of dress you need to adhere to when dressing for
special occasions. In some ways these eliminate the stress
associated with dressing for special occasions since they
give you a template of fashion to follow. These events can
range from parties with no indication on the invitation, all
the way up to white tie formal events. When the event does
specify a style of dress, there are clear guidelines
available for what type of clothes need to be worn when
dressing for special occasions. Even though there won't be
someone checking at the door to make sure you're dressed
appropriately, you want to make sure you adhere as closely
to these guidelines as possible so you don't stand out too
much that evening. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if
the invitation does not include a specific style of dress
expected, dress somewhat conservatively for the event. Even
though this may make you feel somewhat underdressed for the
occasion, it is better than being too fancy or colorful when
dressing for special occasions. Many times you can gauge the
style of dress for the occasion from the type of event it is
and the venue it is being held. These both can help you when
dressing for special events by providing guidance from
previous events that were held there. In many cases you can
research this online and may even find photos from other
events held at the venue. This can give you a sense of the
proper attire when dressing for special occasions like
these. The main thing you need to keep in mind when dressing
for special occasions is that you need to match the style of
apparel you choose to the event. You never want to be
overdressed or underdressed for an occasion.

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