Wednesday 27 October 2010

Sarongs- Styles, Uses, and Origins

Sarongs are worn by both women and men, and can be styled in
many different ways. Women tend to wear them as full body
wraps or long and short skirts, while men usually tie them
around their waists or wear them as shorts. Sarongs can also
be used as tablecloths, runners, curtains, scarves and more.
They are a fun accessory and make a lovely gift.


The patterns of Indonesian sarongs are usually the result of
a dyeing method called batik. The batik artist places wax
paper on the portions of fabric that they do not want to be
dyed. Batik is a national art form in Indonesia, most
commonly practiced in Java and Bali. Given the hot, tropical
climate of Indonesia it is no wonder that both men and women
enjoy the light fabric that's used to make sarongs. The
patterns of men's sarongs however, are usually a
checkerboard design.


Hawaiian sarongs are a great way to glam up an otherwise
plain swimsuit. They are also a great way to cover up
otherwise unwanted cellulite and fat! They are easy to put
on and can be worn in so many different ways. The bright
colours and flower prints of Hawaiian sarongs specifically,
can add an exotic flair to your look.


For beach weddings, a sarong wedding dress is a nice,
comfortable option. It flows nicely in the breeze of the
ocean and is a light material to keep you cool. Best of all,
brides won't mind if it gets a bit sandy or wet at the
bottom. Most sarong wedding dresses are made of silk and can
double as honeymoon lingerie!

For Men:

Turns out that men love to wear sarongs as well. And while
they'll try a wide variety of colours, the darker, masculine
ones, are more appealing to them. These include forest green,
deep red, and charcoal. Gold accented patterns are also quite
popular. They make wonderful gifts and are great to wear by
the pool or beach, as a scarf, sarong, or around the

Sarongs are extremely easy to wear and very versatile.
Different cultures and geographical regions have their own
styles and print-making techniques, which makes them a
fabulously fashionable item to pick up when on holiday. They
make great throws, tablecloths, scarves, bags, and more. A
simple accessory that can add a colourful or ethnic touch to
your look. The best part is that they never go out of style.

About the Author:

Aspiga was set up in 2005 to supply the best of hand made
beachware from local manufacturers in Kenya. Products
include hand made sandals and belts, beachwear (African
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