Friday 28 October 2011

Menswear collections grace catwalk at 2011 China International Fashion Week

China-Fashion/Menswear -- Menswear collections grace catwalk at 2011 China International Fashion Week

CCTV BEIJING - Handmade crafts and simplicity highlighted menswear collections at the ongoing 2012 China International Fashion Week in Beijing.

According to designer Yang Ziming, founder of Cabbeen, his 2012 Spring/Summer collection was inspired from traditional weaving techniques using elaborate wood, stone and marble patterns that demand time to carve. All the details were knitted to depict the moment of labor, dipped in love and care.

"Actually I'm very interested in the modern handicraft, because I have been many places in the world, and I saw the ancient handicraft is still very eye-catching so far," Yang said.

Founded by Yang, otherwise known as Mr. Cabbeen, the Fujian Province based menswear company was the first Chinese Mainland brand to hit the runways at New York Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, at the "VLOV" 2012 Spring/Summer fashion exhibition, simplicity was the focus of the menswear collection.
Designer Wu Qingqing used the seamless style to show a simple and exquisite image, which not only highlighted the comfort of the fashion but also left customers a larger space for creativity.

Apart from men's fashions, a sportswear contest brought a different taste to the annual event.

The sportswear items, ranging from pullovers to hoodies, displayed people's health and vigor, while red and black accentuated youth and passion.

"They have different design styles. The colors are boldly used in the design of many products. They are also very creative and innovative. Besides, they used lots of environment-friendly materials," said Ni Zhennian, organizer of the sportswear contest.

The China Fashion Week will last to November 1st.

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