Monday 16 April 2012

Carolina Herrera debuts her Spring 2013 bridal collection

Latin designer Carolina Herrera uses late photographer Cecil Beaton as inspiration for her Spring 2013 bridal collection.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (APRIL 14, 2012) (CAROLINA HERRERA NEW YORK) - Carolina Herrera is giving Spring 2013 brides 22 various options for every type of wedding.
Inspired by a recent trip to a Cecil Beaton exhibit in London, Herrera said the dresses are dazzling.

"I have been a great admirer of Cecil Beaton all my life. I think he was the most amazing photographer and also he had so much glamour, and that's all about his photographer. Unbelievable. So they had an exhibition here in New York and another one in London. And I have all his books, of course. So the inspiration for this collection is more or less those beautiful portraits," said Herrera.

The veteran designer said bridal has never been about trends, saying each bride should be true to their personal style.

"I think they should be sure what they want to wear. It's not what they are told to wear because they are the ones who have to feel well and they have to look radiant, and they have to feel confident," she explained.

Herrera stepped out of her box this season by kicking off the show with a straw hat and a pant suit.

"The first look of the show is a pant suit which I have never done before for a bride. But I think it's fun because it's totally different from what you're expecting for a bride to wear," Herrera said.

Dresses ranged from silky satins to a strapless bubble dress, with detailed embroidery adding extra touches to some looks.

A detail not seen, but heard is Herrera's classic signature blue grosgrain bow stitched into every waist of each dress, which is next to a stitching of the bride's initials.

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