Saturday 16 May 2009

Choosing Baby Doll Lingerie

Baby doll lingerie has been popular since the 1950s. The baby
doll was once considered truly risqué lingerie. Times change,
however, and the baby doll is now considered sexy but fairly
demure. Baby doll lingerie has become a large category of
lingerie that encompasses many different colors and styles.

The baby doll is a short negligee. The bodice is fitted, often
with shaped bra cups. From the waistline, the skirt flares out.
A baby doll generally ends somewhere between the bottom of the
buttocks and the middle of the thigh. Traditional baby doll
lingerie is sleeveless, although a modern baby doll could have
small cap sleeves. A baby doll is often sold with matching
panties, adding to the risqué lingerie look and feel.

The baby doll design is flattering to a variety of body shapes
and sizes, using detailing to enhance different parts of the
body. Larger busted women should look for styles with fully
shaped cups and soft curves. A smaller bust can be enhanced by
push-up cups and detailing such as gathers or darts. Petite
women will look best in simpler baby dolls with a minimum of
frills, while larger women can draw the eye to smaller parts of
the body through the strategic use of design details.

Pay attention to where the baby doll hits your thighs to find
the best look for the length and size of your legs as well. If
you have long legs and a short torso, you may wish to purchase a
baby doll that elongates your torso with a shorter skirt. If
your legs are short and stocky, steer clear of babydoll designs
that hit at mid-thigh, which will make your legs appear shorter.

Baby doll lingerie is available in a wide variety of fabrics,
designs and colors. Exotic patterns and fabrics, from leopard
print to velvet, present a daring and highly risqué lingerie
look. Sheer or see through fabric such as nylon is available in
a variety of colors. Silk and satin add elegance, offering a
luxurious but more demure look.

The color you choose depends on the look you want to portray.
Rich jewel tones project elegance. Pastels are associated with
innocence and tend to look more demure. White, of course, gives
the connotation of purity. Black and red are traditional colors
of power. When shopping for baby doll lingerie, consider the
full effect of color, detailing and fabric.

Many baby dolls are trimmed with lace, feathers, fur or other
details. The more enhancements that are added, the more risqué
the piece tends to look. However, an over-decorated baby doll
can look trashy rather than sexy. Additionally, petite women can
be overwhelmed by detailing. Remember that when wearing risqué
lingerie, the focus should remain on you, not on the garment.
You want your baby doll to complement rather than compete with
your own beauty.

Finding baby doll lingerie is easy. From internet stores to
lingerie shops, the baby doll is a popular item. Shop around to
find the baby doll that makes you look best. Try on a variety of
styles and colors and think through the look you want to
achieve. This will help you find the perfect baby doll for you.

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