Saturday 16 May 2009

Plus size lingerie - a guide to shopping online

You are what you wear, as the saying goes. However, just
because you do not have a stick figure does not mean that
you don't want to make the best of yourself.

Yes, the local mall and high street may now have a far more
plentiful range of attractive styles for the plus sized
woman, but how about lingerie? You'll find a good
selection of lingerie, but with the internet, if you are a
plus size, you've now got a whole world of lingerie fashion
to choose from. No longer are there just one or two bras
and panties made in your size - there are hundreds of sites
out there that cater specifically to the larger size
figure, and even the conventional lingerie sites now have a
great selection of gorgeous underwear that you will enjoy

Choosing a bra - buying bras online

If you are looking for a bra it is worth checking the width
of the bra straps - and whether the straps are actually
adjustable. Larger chested women have to contend with
carrying more weight 'up top'. A bra needs to give good
support and the wider strap will spread the load, making
the bra more comfortable when worn over a long day. If the
straps are adjustable they need to hold the bust up -
sagging, poorly supported breasts will feel uncomfortable
and the effect is hardly stylish!

Probably the best tip is to go to one of the larger
department stores and speciality lingerie shops who offer a
free brassiere sizing service; they will be more than happy
to advise you of your correct measurements without you
feeling pressured into buying a bra there. It is well worth
making use of this service. You'll get the best support and
an impressively shapely body too!

Knowing the correct size and cup size will also mean that
you will be able to use this information for all your
future purchases, including those online.

Do remember that many online lingerie retailers offer
bargains that are not carried by their regular high street
outlets - you can often buy bras and panties at a fraction
of the retail price. Of course, if you work full time it
also makes better sense that you can shop online at a time
that is convenient to you, you are not tied to regular shop

Plus sized panties

No longer do these have to be the 'granny panties' of times
past. There are larger sizes of full panties finished in a
variety of gorgeous colours. It is worth seeking out satin
full panties for underwear that feels wonderful next to the
skin and looks very sexy indeed!

Panty control Briefs

It is not unusual for plus size ladies to have a little
'tummy pooch' that they will certainly prefer to minimise.
There are plenty of options to cope with slimming the
tummy. Many panty designs incorporate a tummy control
panel which can range from light support all the way
through to a figure flattering firm control high waisted
design. These generally use a mix of elastane lycra with
cotton or nylon (all of which have a cotton lined gusset)
to provide that extra little firmness where needed.

Wearing sexy underwear has more than just practical
advantages. If you find underwear that you enjoy wearing it
will definitely give you a psychological boost. You may be
the only one who knows you are wearing sexy underwear, but
you will feel more confident and act more confidently.

Having chosen the bra and panty sets that you enjoy wearing
you also need to give the same amount of consideration to
the top layer too! It is better to steer clear of high
necklines if you have a large chest and go with the more
flattering V or rounded neckline.

Interestingly, in America the average woman's size is 14,
with over half the female population wearing that size or
greater, yet the shops in the USA do not reflect this
reality, still concentrating on smaller sizes. To put that
into context for British readers - the UK equivalent to the
US size 14 is actually a United Kingdom size 16 to 18!

There are beautiful plus sized women everywhere - and now
they can be fashionably dressed too. Have fun with your
online shopping for plus size lingerie - and enjoy wearing
with added confidence!

About the Author:

Debbie Mendoza has supplied lingerie online for many years.
Initially she specialized in vintage shapewear & stockings
on , but in response to requests
now runs which sources plus
size elegant lingerie at great prices. She feels that plus
size women deserve plenty of choice in pretty lingerie that
they will enjoy wearing.
Her leisure interests include reading, theatre, cinema and
keeping fit.

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