Saturday 16 May 2009

Why earrings are the best jewelry gift

It's hard to go wrong selecting a gift of jewelry. She'll
love it that you tried to please her, if nothing else. Of
all the types of jewelry to choose from, earrings are
probably best. A ring requires you know her size, as does
a bracelet. A necklace can easily be too long or too
short. Earrings, on the other hand, are ideal for almost
everyone. With a few guidelines, your shopping can be a

First, are her ears pierced? Most women's are, and that
will make your task easy since 99% of earrings produced
today are for pierced lobes.

A word about metals: Regardless of labels such as
hypoallergenic or surgical steel, some women cannot
tolerate metals other than gold coming into contact with
their sensitive skin. If you're concerned about a possible
nickel allergy, avoid sterling silver or base metals.

Does she ever sport stud earrings? Studs range from
playful to simply spectacular. 14k white gold is a coolly
elegant look, while yellow gold lends a richness all its
own. If you add a stone, it need not be a diamond.
Birthstones set in gold are a sweetly memorable gift.
Pearls are ever-popular for their natural beauty and often
quite inexpensive. Cubic zirconia are indistinguishable
from the real thing.

If studs don't make enough of an impact, consider drop
earrings with stones. There's an enormous array to choose
from. You can even find shoulder-grazing glittering
chandelier ear candy, though slightly more conservative
styles might be a better gift bet. Simple two-inch long
sinuous curves of hammered metal have a face-flattering
effect. If she likes the look of chain, there are threader
earrings that go through the piercing and drop on each side.

Finally, check out the ever-popular classic hoop. Hoop
earrings come in sizes from a half-inch long to three inch
Sixties hippie retro. Avoid the big flashy ones unless
you're sure she embraces that style. Small beaded hoops,
say 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inches, are so versatile that she can
wear them to work, then seamlessly transition to drinks and
dancing later. Since precious metal hoops areoften hollow,
they can be easy on your wallet. Polished or matte
textures, diamond-cut designs, gemstones or no, you can't
help but find something lovely.

If the choices are overwhelming, consider her personality.
Is she a sports or workout enthusiast? Try tiny stud
earrings. Is afternoon tea her idea of pure bliss?
Perhaps beaded hoops then in soft shades of carmine, peach
or periwinkle. Does she haunt the Saturday farmer's
market? Try classic medium-size hoops in gold or gleaming
sterling silver.

Congratulations! You've selected something wonderful that
says how much you appreciate her.

About the Author:

Charleen Larson is customer service manager for JCEarrings,
an Internet company that catalogs Jody Coyote earring
designs from the past to the present. She is also by turns
a writer, serial entrepreneur and eBay seller dating back
to the AuctionWeb days. She answers your earring questions

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