Saturday 16 May 2009

Ralph Lauren Perfume - Is Pure Elegance

The first Ralph Lauren perfume known as Lauren, appeared in
1978. But odds are Ralph Lauren probably does not wear of the
members of his Ralph Lauren perfume line up. Some scents seem
more suitable for women than for men. The different body
chemistry of the sexes predetermines what scents are better on
female pulses and what are better on male.

Some Specifics

Ralph Lauren perfume is the same Ralph Lauren who makes all
those high pricey clothes or, at least, the labels. Remember he
his the same guy that gave you Ralph Lauren clothing line. Ralph
Lauren was not content to rest on his laurel colored jeans and
looked for new ways to get into women's wallets, where the
credit cards are.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Ralph Lauren perfumes come in a diversity of flavors because
the world is filled with a wide variety of women. Besides, one
perfume will not handle all of the moods and situations a woman
might find herself in. You can choose from Ralph Lauren perfumes
with titles like Glamorous, Glamorous Daylight, Lauren, Romance,
Polo Sport for women, Turquoise, Cool, Ralph, Ralph Rocks, Hot
and new for 2007, the Ralph Rocks labels.

Each Ralph Lauren perfume is made with a particular lifestyle
in mind, and each Ralph Lauren Perfume is created with quality
as its true essence. The scents of his perfume lines convey pure
elegance on the lucky wearer. The perfume Lauren, with its
flowery and woodsy blend of fragrances, was a daytime fragrance
intended for the growing number of businesslike women in the US
to wear to the office.

Where to Go

If this broad hint gets your nostrils twitching, you can head
on over to a fine department store or a crappy department store
of your choice. Consider buying from perfume specialty websites,
which tend to be cheaper. Probably, better to go to a real world
store, try a Ralph Lauren perfume there and then actually buy
the stuff online.

Ralph Lauren perfume collections are very pricey, with prices
ranging from $59 for Lauren up to $370 for Pure Turquoise. The
mini-size is one the best creation by fragrance manufacturers.
Most Ralph Lauren perfumes are also marketed in mini-perfume
sizes, priced at about $12. Sometimes the mini size is better
because it is a good way for a woman to sample different Ralph
Lauren perfume fragrances until she can settle on the one which
is "hers."

Most online shopping can be done with credit card and some
online shops still take electronic checks. Before you buy, make
sure the online store offer some sort of customer service phone
number or email. Look for package deals - combination of several
scents in one box to get best value for your money. Shop online
stores that do not have a physical location in your state save
on the sales tax.

Make this season a season of truly personal style and If you
desire a particular Ralph Lauren perfume, wait before buying it.
Or better yet, wait until your birthday, anniversary or winter
holiday rolls around and get some other schmuck to buy it for

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