Saturday 16 May 2009

The World Of Discount Perfumes

Perfume can be a wonderful accessory to any outfit – formal,
business, or casual. Using a fragrance that works well with
your body chemistry and is applied it conservatively will go a
long way to taking your personal style up a notch. Women
everywhere understand the power of perfume – how a
well-selected perfume can become associated with you so easily,
creating a "signature scent" to which people respond.

There are many varieties of perfume on the market today –
manufactured and distributed by a growing number of companies
that understand the marketability of a great fragrance. And
while there are certainly a growing line of designer fragrance
that command an equally impressive price, there are also
avenues in which savvy consumers can find a number of discount
perfumes – that offer affordable prices without sacrificing

When referring to discount perfumes you can actually be
speaking about a number of different products. First and
foremost, this term can reference those designer and brand name
fragrances that are offered in a non-traditional setting and
lower than retail prices. While a designer perfume may cost top
retail dollar at the high-end department stores where it is
normally sold, it may be offered at a much less expensive price
in discount locations.

Discount prices are given to designer and brand perfumes in
both traditional brick and mortar stores as well through online
resources. You may be surprised by the level of discount that
you receive by just doing some preliminary shopping around.

Discount perfumes may also refer to those fragrances that have
been modeled after designer scents. When a fragrance is
particularly popular, manufacturers will often create a scent
that mirrors some of the "notes" of that fragrance and sell it
at a much lower price. These perfumes can also be found in
discount shops as well as through online shopping venues.

If you are attracted to a particular designer perfume, chances
are that a discount version exists in the marketplace. Do some
testing, trying out different scents until you find one that
you both like and can afford.

In other cases, discount perfumes refer to those fragrances
that are not designer replications. Rather, they are perfumes
that are made as stand-alone fragrances but done so at a much
cheaper price. These are generally considered to be lower-end
scents and can be purchased at very low prices in drugstores in
nearly every town. Keep in mind, however, that these scents,
while inexpensive, are lower quality.

This may mean that the fragrance wears off much quicker than
its high-end counterparts and reapplication throughout the day
may be necessary. It may also be necessary to apply more of the
fragrance than you ordinarily would. However, at the prices at
which these perfumes are offered they are relatively easy and
cheap to replace so running out of product quickly may not be
an issue.

Ultimately, a fragrance should complement your personal style
in all ways. It should work well with your body chemistry
(perfumes do not necessarily smell the same on you as they do
in the bottle – so be sure to test it out on your wrist before
purchasing); reflect your personality (if you prefer simple
elegance than choose accordingly; if you are someone who is
creative and high energy than choose a scent that reflects
that); and should be in a comfortable price range for you.

Whether you choose designer fragrances or discount perfumes,
the result should be the same – a scent that entices and
complements you.

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