Saturday 16 May 2009

Selection Based On Your Personality And Places

It is worth meaningful and really a wondrous idea to select a
fragrance that would complement the aura of your personality.
This is the primary formula to select and pick the right bottle
of perfume. The salient thing that has to be kept in the
forefront of the mind is that the selected perfume must never
mark a dominating effect on your personality. Whether it is the
“Exuberant” or “Dunhill Desire Blue” or “ Ralph Lauren’s Polo
Sport” it should suit your persona to the fullest extent.

The selection of fragrances varies greatly according to the
places you go. If you are planning to go to a cocktail and
dance party with so many guests, it is advisable that you must
chose such perfumes that allows to create a cloud of vapor of
some hard fragrance. A couple of whiffs of Dior’s Dunes are
great for such situations, while it may prove to be worst while
setting out for a formal business meeting. In case of the formal
meetings and offices little bit of sophistication with soft
fragrance would add special meaning to your personality.

Hence while shopping for the perfumes it is significant that
you should better know as to what purpose you are actually
going to choose the perfume for. Your pick should be different
if you are planning to purchase the perfume to be used while
attending a wedding party than that while attending an
interview or an official meeting. Remember that in each of the
two different situations you are going to present yourself with
two distinctive personalities – although the character may be
the same.

Choices for him
Amongst the awe-inspiringly huge assortment of perfumes – for
both oriental and occidental brands of male perfumes, some of
the worth mentioning names have been admired to be the
excellent choices. The names that have the charismatic effects
and sell like the hot cakes are the Curious, Dior’s Dunes,
Desire, Glow, Obsession, and some more like these.

On the other level, the sharp yet soft oriental woody scent of
the Angels, Roger & Gallet would mark your fashion and style of
stepping into the threshold of the conference hall or the
director’s chamber.

Choices for her
Reputable designers have always been looking for scopes to
satisfy the ever-lasting demand of the exotic fragrances for
the world’s fashionable women section. While the “Burberry
Weekend”, “Carolina Herrera” and “Chacherel’s Amor” for women
have been widely admired by the office goers, the names like
“Bvlgari Green Tea”, “Estee Lauder’s Pleasures”, “Loves Baby “–
the floral elegance and etc. are excellent choices for party

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