Saturday 16 May 2009

Mineral Foundation: Nature Girls Delight

Mineral foundation soothes your skin like silk to leave your
face feeling baby soft. Touchable skin without lines or uneven
textures allows you to glow in the sunlight. Come out of the
darkness of glistening oily formulas with a glimmer of hope
from mineral foundations.

When shine and drippy make up get you down, make you look like
a clown, and steal away your confidence. It’s time for a
change! Wrap up those old heavily perfumed bottles of oily
chemicals and drop them in the nearest dumpster marked
“chemical waste” and refresh.

Natural cosmetics offer something better: Mineral foundation.

Luxurious satiny smooth skin radiates good health because the
greaseless formula of mineral foundation allows your skin to
breath. Velvety rich color looks and feels authentic as
revitalizing minerals sooth your skin. Mineral foundation
enhances natural beauty without the overwhelming cover-up of
heavy make-ups. Just a touch of a brush and your complexion is
dewy, soft, and delicately enhanced with color.

Mineral foundation bestows quality non-irritating coverage to
even the most sensitive skin. Lasting color, without the
irritating chemicals and perfumes used in most cosmetics, means
less cost for the consumer. Multi-purpose mineral foundation
powder can be applied as an eye shadow, blush, cover-up, or
foundation. Used every day, one container will last
approximately one year, making mineral foundation exceedingly

Delicate translucent colors awaken naturally exquisite
features. A nature girl’s delight, mineral foundation brings
healthy color that lasts all day long. The dewy texture tones
evenly across your skin hiding unattractive blemishes and
blending discolorations for the perfect sun-kissed color models
strive to achieve.

Heavy creams and oil-based foundations only weigh you down,
increasing the pull of gravity, which results in saggy skin.
Light as a feather, mineral foundation lifts you up, allows
color to glide over the skin, and keeps that fresh, just-washed
feeling all day long.

Mineral foundations not only feel good on your skin, they are
good for your skin. Micronized Titanium Dioxide effectively
blocks both UVA and UVB rays without irritating chemicals. This
naturally occurring mineral, one of the main ingredients in
mineral foundation, provides a high SPF rating, helping to
prevent tiny lines from developing.

Incidence of Melanoma is on the rise and mineral foundations
assist in the prevention of this sometimes-fatal cancer by
protecting your skin from sun damage. Maximize the benefits of
healthy skin with beautiful appearance and the sumptuous feel
of elegance.

An opulent glow is every woman’s dream. Mineral foundation
boosts beauty and fulfills the vision. For that china doll
perfection of blemish free skin, opt for mineral foundation to
enhance your complexion.

Natural cosmetics can be simply applied with a brush as you
finish your morning routine, with no mess. Dip the brush, tap
gently to loose the excess powder back into your powder
container and lightly puff powder onto your face. A light
delicate touch layers just the right amount of translucent
mineral powder onto your skin, allowing the natural glow of
good health to shine through. Elegant brilliance appears with a
light feathery touch charmingly applied.

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