Saturday 16 May 2009

The Top Designer Lingerie Brands

If you enjoy buying luxurious lingerie and money is not an
object, then you'll want to know the names of the top designer
brands available on the market today. Designer lingerie brands
are considered to be the best because of their cutting edge
designs and the fact that they are usually made from the highest
quality materials available and under the strictest quality
control standards. Thus, the buyer of these trendy undergarments
can be assured that they are getting a superior product for
their money. So, if your collection of intimate apparel must
consist of the latest designs and trendiest fashions, then
you'll want to shop for designer lingerie.

Designer Lingerie Companies

The artisan matrix, the importance given to the designing
phase, the in-depth knowledge of the body, the fusion of
innovation and tradition, the continuous quest for quality, the
attention paid to image: these are the elements that transformed
a small corsetry labratory founded by Ada Masotti in 1954 in
Bologna, into La Perla Group, a market leader in lingerie and
swimwear designs. Exclusive materials, elegant designs and a
unique, craft-based work philosophy make La Perla Lingerie
creations undeniably feminine. Sophisticated, luxurious and
expensive, La Perla's beautiful lingerie has been worn by many
actresses and celebrities. The company's pieces have even become
highly prized as collectibles.

Another European designer, Lise Charmel is considered by many
to be the most luxurious brand of French lingerie on the market.
Sophisticated and original, Lise Charmel's designs combine both
elegance and good taste in the best European manner. Featuring
rich embroideries, opulent fabrics, soft tulles and a fine
attention to detail, the Lise Charmel line of elegant lingerie
will appeal to even the most refined tastes.

In 1968, Irene LeRoux transformed a small Paris swimwear
boutique into what would become the beginning of Eres. Her new
and highly original style began by removing stays and padding
and bringing the natural look into popularity. Eres has since
become one of the most popular brands for fashion conscious
women expecting new fashion statements every year and who want
to look sexy in a uniquely new way. The concept behind Eres
lingerie is to create luxurious yet simple, feminine and refined
designs. This is accomplished by their creation of light,
efficient fabrics that gently stroke the body, while at the same
time providing unmatched support.

Third Floor Design is a relatively new designer lingerie
company based in Vancouver Canada. They are a boutique lingerie
design company that has been designing fun, sexy and comfortable
lingerie since 2003. They believe that every woman deserves the
confidence and comfort that they offer with their lingerie, and
that each garment they offer is designed with the intention of
blurring the lines between inner-wear and outerwear. Third Floor
Design is an up-and-coming lingerie designer whose lines are
beginning to be seen on the runway aisles of the top fashion
shows. They have successfully elevated underwear from an
afterthought to a main ingredient in a woman's style, and they
have done this by carefully selecting high quality fabrics in
forward prints and colors.

Lingerie is meant to be beautiful, sexy and sultry, and can
really boost one's self-esteem. If you are fashion conscious and
interested in purchasing nothing but the latest trends in
lingerie, then designer lingerie should definitely be your first
choice. Don't expect to find the top designer lingerie at your
local mall, you'll need to take a trip down Rodeo Drive, Madison
Avenue or SoHo to find these elegant fashions. Even though
designer lingerie will be more expensive, the extra cost is well
worth it when you take into account the quality, value, and
aesthetic appeal that the garments embody, especially when
compared to discount brands of lingerie.

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