Monday 25 May 2009

The Soothing And Therapeutic Properties Of Candles

Stress - in the modern era, it is an inescapable fact of
life. Our jobs, traffic, lowered customer service or even
our interpersonal relationships can create tensions that
affect both mind and body. Luckily a number of holistic and
homeopathic approaches exist that can help us unwind after
a long hard day. One of them is the use of scented candles
in an aromatherapy ritual.

Just what is aromatherapy?

By definition, it is the use of volatile or essential oils
that come primarily from plants to remedy emotional and
physical ailments. Devout practitioners believe that
aromatherapy can cure a whole host if ills, from diabetes
to some forms of cancer. In the mainstream world, this
holistic approach is solely applied to relaxation.

Using candles gives you two forms of relaxation fixations
as the soft and subtle flickering of the flame provides a
visual stimulus that works in conjunction with the scent of
sweetly released fragrance.

Today, one can find any number of outlets that carry
candles, but to experience true aromatherapy, one has to
locate the right kind.

Candles for aromatherapy

While you can buy fragrant candles in any drug store, true
aromatherapy candles contain natural plant essences and
have very few chemicals. The wax is also natural and burns
in a way that creates stronger, more healing aromatic

With this in mind, a person who wishes to use candles to
reduce stress, anger or to facilitate tranquility should
try to locate candles that are as close to all natural as
one can get; organic in origin if possible.

Beeswax - the best kind of beeswax candles are pure with
natural fragrances and free of toxins. Beeswax is
especially calming because they have been proven to release
negative ions, which cleanse the air. This is very
conducive to creating a mellow mood and in time,
detoxifying the body.

Paraffin candles - Paraffin candles have been around for
centuries and are slow burning and long lasting.

The drawback is that they are petroleum based. Because of
this, there are split factions of aromatherapists who tout
both benefits and drawbacks of this candle's use. Look
online and do your own homework before you decide whether
or not paraffin candles are for you.

Soy candles - these candles are becoming more and more
popular with individuals because they are clean burning and
aromatic. They are also all natural, biodegradable and
non-toxic. Even with all of these wonderful attributes, soy
candles can be wonderfully cost effective as well, making
them an all around delight for connoisseurs of aromatherapy.

Feng Shui Candles - feng Shui, which literally translates
into "wind-water" is the ancient oriental practice of
achieving balance to facilitate positive health and beauty.
It is also based on the concept of "Chi" or life energy.
Feng Shui candles come in several different colors that
represent elements, for instance, a red candle would
symbolize fire. In this way, candles can add to a
spiritual dimension to an individual's aromatherapy.

Votives candles - scented organic votive candles are small
in size, circular and primarily used for devotional
purposes. People who enjoy candles like the variation in
theme votives can offer as they can be placed anywhere and
add a rich ambiance to any room. For example, a person
who wanted to take a nice scented bath can lower the
lights, place these small candles around the room, and add
water sensations to their relaxation therapy.

You can locate these types of candles at any store that
carries holistic foods or accessories. A quick online
search can dig one up in your area if you do not already
frequent such a place. The candles themselves can also be
ordered online at a variety of Internet shops. Other
relaxation Accessories

Of course, candles are not the only items that can assist
harried individuals in unwinding.

Incense - incense made from all natural or organic
materials can be utilized in the same a manner as candles
in order to evoke aromatherapy benefits. This product
usually comes in sticks, bricks and cones and will burn
slowly. The best thing about natural incense is that the
smell is not as overpowering as those that are chemically

Potpourri - made from dried herbs, flowers, leaves or
seeds, potpourri is used to refresh rooms, a ritual that
dates back hundreds of years. Potpourri can come in a
sachet or a bag of loose items that can placed in closets,
cupboards or even dressers. When placed on a windowsill,
potpourri can freshen the room for days.

One can also boil these all natural items to maximize their
fragrant aromas.

Essential Oils - essential oils often contain volatile
aromatic substances and botanicals wholly derived from
plants and can come in various concentrations. Unlike heavy
perfumes or "fragrant oils" essential oils have no
chemicals or agents that dry the skin and are usually

If you come across an essential oil with any additive in
it, then it is not a true essential oil. To be used, these
oils have to be diluted and mixed by carrier oils, like
grape seed, to helps the body absorb it for healing effects.

The main caveat for the use of pure essential oils is that
there are certain types that may be bad for pregnant women
to handle because they may cause intrauterine contractions
that lead to premature labor. There are however, a few
oils that are actually beneficial in helped combat many of
the common ills of pregnancy like morning sickness or water

If you are pregnant consult with your doctor prior to
purchasing any essential oil.

There are so many avenues and paths one can follow in the
pursuit of relaxation in a turbulent world, but one will
never go wrong with holistic practices that involve the
marvelous fragrances of all natural, organic candles.

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