Tuesday 15 September 2009

Here are my top 10 "back to school" shopping tips...

As a Mom, my Favorite Holiday is...The 1st day of School!

#1. Buy those used textbooks online! Use the money you
saved for those relaxing days at the spa when the kids are
all gone... After all the work you put in this summer you
deserve it!

#2. If your kids are using a laptop, get a laptop backpack,
(they're very inconspicuous looking), that way if they take
their eyes off the laptop case for a minute (or an hour...
depending on the kid) it won't grow legs and walk away

#3. Shop...later... O.K. don't take this advice for your
Christmas shopping or under your tree will be bare...but
seriously... the day after the first day of school is
bargains, bargains, bargains. Get the kids the basics and a
couple of great new outfits for the first few days of
school but leave the rest til later...you'll save a bundle!

#4. Decorating the homework desk is fun for the kids.
Shocking pink chairs and posters of vampire-teenagers may
not be your taste but it takes the "boring" out of
homework...by the way the best place for this homework area
is in "their" room.

#5. Sort, Store & Toss...No it's not a new reality T.V.
show it's what I do every Fall. Clothes is the single most
important item for you to discuss with your kids. Be
prepared to hear "toss" to that new outfit you just got
them in the Spring. Spend a few dollars and buy some
designer labels they will love. Meeting new classmates is
hard, raise the confidence levels of your kids. Donate
their old clothes to a charity... most will pick up the
donated clothes right at your front door. Plastic
containers and colorful hangers are easy to get. Organizing
things means cleaner rooms and less stressful mornings.
your home or office

#6. This may seem like a big investment but it can be
controlled by certain plans...if you haven't got your kid a
cell phone I suggest that you get one. If your child is old
enough to go out with friends it could be a life-saver.
Where are all the pay phones? Get a pay-as-you-go or an
inexpensive plan...and learn how to text them...it saves a
bundle of money in air-time and you'll have more
conversations with them than you ever have had before and
...believe it or not...that's a good thing

#7. Let your kids look online for their favorite look.
They'll tell you the stores, clothes and shoes they
want...it saves a lot of time whether you buy online or go
to the actual mall with the prints of the photos of their
choices in hand...by the way...have extra printer ink on
hand... you're going to need it! printer

#8. Change your batteries in your smoke detectors and
carbon monoxide detectors ...O.K., O.K. ..this has nothing
to do with back to school except for the fact that you'll
be buying a ton of batteries for calculators and other
school items. Anytime soon the gas furnace, space heaters,
gas fireplace etc. will be starting up. Now is a good time
to pick up the batteries for the detectors and do a really
good thing for your little students to keep them safe for
your home

#9. What's for dinner? That old familiar song will be
singing through the house soon. Are you ready? Containers
for lunches, snackables (lots of fruit and veggees), a
crockpot to make one-dish meals, and other gadgets are
needed for those home-cooked meals as you say good-bye to
the BBQ and the fast-food meals of summer

#10. Go out on a date with your significant other or
friends. Evenings of noise, homework frustration etc. are
back again. Plan a great date-night sometime in the Fall.
Get a sitter or order a pizza for the older kids and have
something to look forward to...especially as you are going
crazy that 1st week of school....It's time to slip out of
Mommy and Daddy mode and "party like it's 1999!"

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