Monday 5 October 2009

Lohan steals Paris limelight

Lindsay Lohan has lived up to her reputation as Hollywood's top party girl with a debut collection for Parisian fashion house Emanuel Ungaro.

Hollywood party girl Lindsay Lohan in her latest guise - fashion designer.

The troubled actress is the new artistic advisor for Ungaro.

Lohan is trying to rebuild her career after drug problems, stints in rehab and a conviction for cocaine possession.

She stole the show at Ungaro's Paris Fashion Week opening.

Fashionistas gave her collection the thumbs up.

Fashion Fan Isabel. saying:

"It has, it has been surprising, because we don't hear about her in the press particularly for her designer skills, that is not what we know her for, and I think what came out of it is fantastic for every age group and amazing colours."

Fashion Fan Tandy. saying:

"I thought it was very hot and sexy. You kind of have to be bold, you know, have that kind of character to rock those kind of colours, so yes, it was hot."

Across town members of the pop world were also getting in on the act.

New best buddies Rihanna and Katy Perry came to see Karl Lagerfeld's new collection.

His vision for Spring/Summer 2010 revolved around high waistlines and hemlines - and skimpy shorts.

The flamboyant German designer is confident it will be popular.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld, saying:

"After a period of heavy times, I think people want a lighter collection, a lighter fashion, a more graphic silhouette. And at the same time the fashion needs a certain physical discipline, the girls were straight, they had slim waists, endless legs and pronounced but natural shoulders."

Paris Fashion Week ends on October 8th, with next season's collections kicking off in February.

Jim Drury, Reuters

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