Wednesday 20 January 2010

The Chanel J12: Trully Exclusive

The Chanel J12 is one of the most important wristwatches to
come out of the famed Parisian fashion house, coinciding
with its thirteenth year offering luxury timepieces.
Designed to complement both the company's haute couture and
its ready-to-wear collections, the Chanel J12 offers true
French elegance coupled with precision Swiss engineering for
time-keeping that's always in style. Long one of the world's
most easily recognizable names, watches were a rather late
foray for the firm, with its first designer watches offered
only in 1987.

The Chanel J12 was launched in 2000, benefiting from the
years of market experience since. It offers sophisticated
automatic movement, with white or black ceramic bracelets
(rumored to be the same kind of material used by NASA for
its rocket ships) that make for an iconoclastic style that
stands out from the usual metal and leather materials used.
It's even claimed to be unscratchable as a result.

The bezel can also be made of hi-tech ceramic, such as that
on the H1628 model, an expensive diamond version of the
Chanel J12 that will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of
five thousand dollars. And the H1420 can run well over
seventeen thousand. Indeed, that's why these watches are so
popular with female A-List celebrities like Heidi Montag and
Jessica Simpson. And that's precisely why, in fact, they
are among the most sought-after of all replica watches on
the market today.

The Chanel collection had long posed a serious of technical
and economical hurdles for counterfeiters until 2005, when
the Chanel J12 was successfully replicated. Previously, the
materials would cost too much to make replica watches
worthwhile or the parts were too sophisticated or outright
exclusive. And indeed, Chanel's recent partnership with
Audemars Piguet, a true watchmaker that makes its own
watches from start to finish, providing not just final
assembly but its own parts and especially its own movement,
making replica watches a very hard feat, as the company is
able to retain almost complete control over the entire
manufacturing process.

Even though it is a latecomer to designer watches, Chanel
has posted healthy sales and there is no possibility of it
reconsidering its over two decades in the business of
upscale wristwatches. While there isn't as great a variety
on offer as is available through some of the more
established manufacturers out there, there is the Chanel
name, and when it comes to fashion a simple label can mean a

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