Wednesday 20 January 2010

Some Great Skin Care Tips For People Who Want Awesome Skin

Some people may be fortunate enough to be born with a
beautiful and clear complexion but they are the lucky ones.
Unfortunately for the majority of us beautiful skin is
something that we yearn for and have to work at.

Let's face it, if it was as easy as buying a particular
product then there would be no need for the masses of beauty
treatments and products out there, we would all know what
worked, what to buy, and we would all be using it.

Same goes for a skincare regime. If there was a tried and
tested method that brought spectacular results we wouldn't
have to search the Internet or scan the magazines for beauty
tips to try out.

The thing is, there's quite a lot we can do to achieve our
goal of having beautiful skin but it's more of a journey
than an instant solution. First of all we have to avoid
anything that is going to damage our skin even more that it
has been already. Then we have to get into the habit of a
daily routine that is going to put us on the right track.

What to avoid if you want beautiful skin

Whatever your type of skin don't make the mistake of
scrubbing your face with soap and water in the belief that
is all you need to do to cleanse it, it isn't, and what's
more you are likely to damage your skin in the process. Soap
will clog up the pores over time encouraging pimples and
blackheads and will prevent your own natural oils from doing
their job properly of protecting your skin and keeping it

Even if you produce a lot of oil on your face, stimulating
your facial skin with aggressive cleansing will only
encourage more sebum production and an even greater problem
with greasy skin. The simple truth is that whatever skin
problem you might have, soap and hot water is quite likely
to make it worse.

If you really must splash your face with water in order to
feel clean, make sure the water is warm and not too hot. In
fact, any kind of heat at all is going to have a damaging
effect on your skin.

If your skin is particularly oily then it's probably best to
avoid oil based products and stick to water based ones.
Similarly if you have a problem with dryness then it might
be an idea to opt for products containing more oils as
opposed to the lighter water based ones.

Every day we are exposed to environmental factors that
encourage damage such as central heating, computers, the
weather, and most of all the sun. If you have to be in the
sun for any length of time at all, even if you live in the
Northern Hemisphere, then it's important to apply a
moisturiser containing a sun screen in order to prevent the
sun's harmful rays from damaging your skin. Just because the
sun doesn't feel particularly hot doesn't mean it is safe.

The sun is the single most important factor that will
encourage premature ageing and fine lines and wrinkles not
to mention more serious problems like skin cancer. A
sunscreen can help to delay the ageing process and will
protect you.

What to do if you want a beautiful clear complexion

The first thing you have to do is start to care for the skin
you've got already and this means getting into the habit of a
daily care regime involving cleansing, toning and
moisturising using the appropriate products for your type of

First though you will need to identify whether you have dry,
oily, or normal, combination, sensitive, mature or sun
damaged skin and purchase a cleanser and a moisturiser that
have been designed specifically to cater for it.

You also really do need to make sure you apply a good
quality moisturiser on a daily basis in order to keep your
skin hydrated regardless of whether you have oily or dry
skin, the trick here is to make sure the products you use
are specially formulated to deal with your skin type.

What many people forget is that healthy clear skin needs to
be nourished from the inside as well as on the outside.
Every 28 days or so your skin cells are completely
replenished as new cells work their way to the surface
before they die and flake off so it doesn't take long for
what you eat in your diet to show results on your face.

In order for these skin cells to become healthy looking skin
they need the right combination of vitamins and other
nutrients. If you are already doing everything right and are
eating a balanced diet but still aren't seeing the results
you would like, you might want to consider supplementing
with good quality fish oil. Or if you don't pay a lot of
attention to what you're eating and are indulging in a lot
of fast convenient foods, then you probably need fish oil
more than anyone.

Fish oil just happens to contain important Omega 3 fatty
acids that your skin craves in order to be healthy. Just
make sure that any fish oil you buy contains high amounts of
the essential fatty acid known as Eicosapentaenoic acid or
EPA. You never know, this might prove to be the best skin
care tip you've ever come across. It's interesting to note
that poor skin, nails and hair is one of the first
indications that you are not getting enough Omega 3 in your

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