Wednesday 28 April 2010

Dannii Minogue launches fashion line

A pregnant Dannii Minogue shows off her baby bump as she launches fashion line Project D, with designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM - Six months pregnant with a visible baby bump but Dannii Minogue shows no signs of slowing down.

The singer and judge on Britain's "X Factor" and "Australia's Got Talent" is launching her own fashion line.

"Project D" is a collaboration with London-based designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb.

One hundred fans were selected to meet and greet the designers at the launch at Selfridges department store.

Minogue and Somerset-Webb are all smiles now but the singer admitted the clothes almost didn't make it in time for the launch.

Dannii Minogue, saying:

"I guess the hardest thing with me has been going back to Australia and presenting on Australia's Got Talent out there, so we're working two of the most opposite time zones and our manufacturers in a third time zone so that's been the hardest thing. And during the volcanic ash last week, all the samples got stuck in Hong Kong."

Somerset-Webb says her and Minogue's different body shapes were an inspiration for the collection.

Tabitha Somerset-Webb, Fashion Designer, saying:

"Obviously Danii's little and petite and I'm tall and Amazonian and curvaceous so we're both are looking for different things to the dresses and what we're wearing."

The women say they each have a turn in designing the pieces but deny any creative differences.

Dannii Minogue, saying:

"There's been no major fights, I thought there would be. I thought there'd be that real Joan Collins moment, you know, ringing each other's necks. That's probably to come sometime down the line."


"Yeah watch this space. In six months time, I'll be like 'I cannot stand her!'"

There are seven day and evening dresses with stand out pieces including a leopard print cocktail dress and Minogue's full-length sequined gown.

The prices for "Project D" range from 320 to 740 U.S. Dollars.

Minogue, who's also a spokesperson for Marks and Spencers women's range, says she plans to give birth in her native Australia.

Cindy Martin, Reuters

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