Tuesday 27 April 2010

A Guide To 9ct Gold Jewellery

When selecting gold jewellery for purchase, many people
wonder what kind of gold to select. Yellow gold jewellery
tends to exude a classic look that is easily dressed up, and
is favoured by many women for these reasons. White gold
jewellery is generally seen as more modern and can be easily
paired with a number of fashions to pull together an outfit.
Once a consumer has decided to purchase yellow gold, they
may then begin to wonder whether to select a 9ct, 14ct,
18ct, or 24ct piece of jewellery.

What Is 9ct Gold Jewellery?

Most jewellery buyers do not fully understand what it is
actually made of. While 24ct gold jewellery is made of pure
gold, 9ct gold jewellery is made of a mix of precious
metals. Most 9ct gold jewellery, of medium colour, is
commonly made of about 37.5% silver, 12.1% copper, and 44.4%
zinc. However, many other mixes, some also including nickle,
are used to make 9ct gold jewellery. Generally, the lighter
the colour of the yellow gold, the more silver is in the
jewellery, and the darker the yellow gold, the more copper
has been used. While this may come as a surprise to many
jewellery buyers, who previously thought that 9ct gold
jewellery contained mostly gold, 9ct gold is still a very
high quality metal. 9ct gold jewellery is carefully
manufactured to be of a high quality, yet allows consumers
to obtain such jewellery at a reduced, and more affordable,

Why Choose 9ct Gold Jewellery?

Many buyers of this jewellery choose it because of the price
at which it is offered. 9 carat gold is much more inexpensive
than 24 carat gold, which is preferable to a great number of
people. 9 carat gold also looks almost identical to 24 carat
gold. Unless a person is an experienced jeweller, he or she
would never know that the gold their colleague or friend is
wearing is 9 carat gold, instead of 24 carat gold.
Purchasing it allows many consumers to purchase beautiful
pieces jewellery that would normally be out of their budget
if made of 24 carat gold.

Styles Of 9ct Gold Jewellery

Almost every style of jewellery is available in 9ct gold.
From earrings, to diamond bracelets, to engagement rings;
there are almost unlimited options for buyers of 9ct gold.
Many different styles and stones are available and set in
9ct gold. The wonderful thing about 9ct is that many times
when one chooses to purchase 9ct gold, they may choose to
purchase a bigger stone than if they were to purchase 24ct
gold, because of the reduced price of the gold in question.
This may be preferable to many women who wish to upgrade the
size of the diamonds or other stones in their rings or other
jewellery. In addition, when properly cared for, 9ct gold
jewellery is very durable and lasting. 9ct jewellery is a
great, affordable option for many jewellery buyers, that
should be carefully considered when purchasing an important
piece of jewellery.

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