Friday 4 June 2010

3 Simple Steps to a flat tummy

Have you noticed how some people seem to be a bit 'big' but
for some reason have a flat tummy?

Have you seen those adverts on TV about catalogs for people
who wear bigger sizes? How can these women have big hips and
bums and such a flat tummy!

When I first saw it, I started to think: 'mm... they're
surely wearing some shaping underwear as I think it is very
unlikely that someone who is a bit overweight can have such
a flat belly.'

However, I then saw the same type of advert but now with
bigger people wearing lingerie and again, they had a flat
tummy!! With no shaping underwear whatsoever!! How could
that be possible?

I thought to myself at the time: 'I wouldn't mind being a
bit bigger if my tummy looked like that!!', 'How do they do
it, for God sake?!'.

I really wanted my tummy to be flat again so I looked and
looked for more information and after lots of research and
of trying I found what works and what doesn't.

I found 3 simple ways to get a flat tummy and I am sharing
that HERE with you NOW.

And you are a very lucky bunny to have landed on this page,
I have to say!!

Just keep reading and I'll show you why...

1. Eat smaller portions, more often

This is the first step you should take, really. Don't let
yourself get hungry or you will tend to over eat as well as
eat the wrong foods.

Never, ever skip breakfast. Even if you're in a rush do have
a healthy snack with you like a cereal bar or a piece of
fruit you can eat on the way to work. If you let your sugar
levels go too low, again you will feel the need to over eat
and this will give you a big, flabby tummy and I think that
this is exactly what you are trying to avoid!!

Increase the amount of vegetables, fruits and wholegrain
foods and please ditch the fatty, sugary foods. Of, course
you can have a treat once in a while but one a day is
probably enough.

2. Drink lots of water and keep your bowels working

Aim to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day as
this will help your body not to retain water and make you
lose weight.

Drinking lots of water will also help keep your skin healthy
and your bowels working every day. As you know, if you don't
empty your bowels at least once a day you will get bloated
and that equals to a very big tummy!!

You can also buy some pro biotic capsules to take every day
and help with keeping your digestion healthy. Please talk to
your doctor first. Avoid pro biotic drinks as these tend to
have lots of sugar.

3. Finally, exercise those abs everyday

This is quite obvious really!!

It can be quite time consuming and painful, but they DO

I have found a program that isn't either time consuming nor
painful but there are lots of information out there with
advice for exercising the abs.

You can do your own thing or you can just go to my website
below where you will find more information about flat

Whatever you choose to do good luck and keep at it!! If I
did it, you can do it too!!

Thanks for reading!

About the Author:

Anna is a psychologist who has a special interest in the
Health & Fitness industry.
To visit Anna's website please go to and you will also be able to
download some very interesting reports on how to lose weight
effectively for FREE.

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