Wednesday 30 June 2010

What to Wear When You're Pregnant

Some women work while they're pregnant, others begin maternal
leave earlier. Some don't work at all! But no matter what
you're doing while you're pregnant – even if it's just
sitting on the couch satisfying those hormonal cravings, you
will get to the point when your clothes don't fit and you
need to go shopping. But how to dress? It's not that easy,
but here are some tips that can help:

1. The season: Layering clothing is always a good idea,
because as your body temperature fluctuates of its own
accord, there are external circumstances to take into
account also. Wearing a v-neck, long sleeved shirts and then
heavier shirt or sweaters on top is a great idea. If it's
summer, choose something breathable and light. Color is also
nice during the summer, while during the winter it's better
to have darker shades.

2. Tricks: If you don't want to splurge on in-between sizes,
you can wear your old pants by looping  a rubber band through
the button hole and wrapping it around the button to get an
extra two or three inches. Further on, before you look
definitively pregnant, but after it looks like you've put on
some weight, maternity clothes still might not fit. Elastic
is your friend during this time. Stretchy yoga pants and
skirts are great options. After the baby is born, wear these
clothes while you're getting back to your desired weight.

3. Borrow: Call friends, family, co-workers and whoever else
you know that has recently had a baby to take what is sitting
in their closets. Consignment shops also have good deals on
nice maternity wear.

4. Support: You will probably want a new bra that will fit
more comfortably. If you begin to feel mild back pain from a
huge belly, it's probably a good idea to wear womens body
shapers. These can offer belly support that can ease tension
on your back and neck.

5. Feet: Your feet can expand a half-size or more while
you're pregnant, so don't feel bad about fitting into your
old shoes. In fact, forgo them altogether – especially the
heels since your center of gravity will have shifted during
these months.  Wide fitting, arch supporting shoes with
heels no higher than an inch are ideal.

6. Hair and Makeup: With a fuller face, you can try styles
for fuller bodied women. These include a bob haircut,
chunkier jewelry and bigger purses and accessories.

7. Sites: Everything  from cocktail dresses to womens body
shapers is available at,
and has the rest. If you don't dig on
maternity styles, bias-cut and empire-line dresses can work

8. Comfort: It is important to be as comfortable as
possible. If you decide to suffer for fashion, you may not
expect the pain and anger you feel when your body fights

You may feel unsexy at times, but that's just temporary.
Remember that being a mother is enviable, even if you don't
always look your best. Pretty soon, you'll have a little
baby who you can dress up in the cutest ways.

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