Thursday 18 November 2010

Ethnic Fashion for Men

Tribal coloured kaftans and beaded necklaces aren't only
designed for women. Below is a list of some ethnic fashion
styles suitable for men.

1. Jewellery:

In addition to looking nice, and adding colour to your
outfit, there is a long history and many traditions behind
the production and wearing of jewellery, as there is for the

- Shell

Many jewellery producers around the world like to
incorporate shells into their pieces, namely those who live
by the beach. The nice thing about shells, is that no two
are exactly the same, which makes every piece unique and

- Pendant

Tribal style pendants at the end of a leather necklace can
be quite beautiful. Those made of wood or ceramic usually
have a design on them, either carved out, or painted on.
Common pendant shapes are spears, rings, and crosses.

- Bone

Bone is a common material to use when making jewellery. It
is easy to paint on and  looks really attractive in
bracelets or as pendants.

- Beaded

Beaded jewellery is an easy and affordable way to look
fabulous. Putting together many strings of beads can give a
chunky, costume jewellery feel to a look, while wearing a
single string is good for a simple, clean look- more suited
to men.

2. Kaftans:

Kaftans are long, oversized dresses/tops that are worn in
many parts of Asia and Africa. They can be plain in colour,
or dynamically detailed. They are worn by both men and

- Plain

Plain kaftans are simply kaftans that are plain in colour
and have minimal detailing.

- Batik

Mostly worn in South East Asia, batik kaftans are made of
light materials such as silk. Floral and abstract designs
are predominant in the region.

- Tie Dye

Tie-dye kaftans are colourful and new age. This style is
much more likely to be seen on a Westerner as a fashion
statement, then it is on someone who wears kaftans as part
of their traditional dress.

3. Indian style:

Incorporating ethnic pieces of clothing into a look can add
a wonderful touch of colour and vibrance to a look.
Generally, when people think of Indian fashion influences,
they think of women's clothing- bright coloured saris, arm
bangles etc. But actually some of the looks for men are also
quite cool.

- Jodhpuri

These suits are generally worn for more formal occasions,
such as weddings or graduations. They usually come in
neutral colours with embroidered details.

- Sherwani

These are long coats that are worn over white kurtas.  They
are often worn by men on their wedding day, however
designers are starting to build them into their suits.

- Kurta

These are the long fitting pyjama bottoms that are worn by
North Indian grooms. They tend to be made of a fine cotton
and are white in colour. Typically, they have drawstrings,
but nowadays are being made with elastic waists.

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